The View From 14C (Marshall)

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September 3, 2010 at 11:03 am

Wow!  The single biggest thing I was looking for was answered.  TP was stepping into his throws and coming over the top pretty consistently.  Even hurried throws looked pretty good, although I missed seeing his form on the first poor throw which hit Saine(?) in the foot. 

As previously posted I am a crumudgeon.  However, WTF is with the new "game experience" bullshit.  I thought I was at an NBA game.  Teeshirt cannons?  Some doufus in the crowd with a mike?  Forced cheers?  Does someone in Gene Smith's office think that this works better at firing up the crowd than say, oh, I don't know, TBDBITL??????????  OF course the Gary Glitter Hey! cheer didn't get alot of audience participation.  Which reminds me, am I the only one that still chants "We're gonna kick the shit outta you" during the bass line in that musical arc?  Whoever came up with this idea (like the Purdue-like "Another Buckeye FIRST down"!) is probably the same idiot who thinks there is no problem with tOSU and the Wolverweasels being put in separate divisions.

A couple of issues that came out of last night.  Why do we still struggle with holding our lanes in kickoff coverage?  This is an issue that now stretches across multiple seasons and is really starting to concern me.  Second, I was really disappointed in our interior pass defense by our LBs.  They seemed to struggle in man coverage with the back/TE curls.  If Cryami still likes their TE, this could be a concern.  Although I do look for a better pass rush next week as Cryami (by the way, the only team to ever lose to Bucknell in a bowl game) tends to take deeper drops.

And finally, a personal rant.  What Einstein decided that paving I-71 Northbound is a good idea on a night when 30,000 extra commuters are headed that way?  What, You couldn't hold off for one night?  The road to Marengo was going to crumble that quickly?  My daughter and I left the Union Garage at 11:30pm.  We pulled into my driveway at 3:20am.  And I flew once I got free of that HoboClusterfk.

Anyway.  Bring on the canes.  Hopefully, they'll get called for a pass interference penalty on the first play of the game.

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