Observations from Practice on 11/9

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November 11, 2010 at 12:08 pm
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I had the chance to watch practice on Tuesday for the coaching football class that Tressel teaches, and I thought I'd write down some of the interesting things I saw there.

-Homan was practicing, but he had a blue no-contact jersey on, probably as a precaution.  He looked good, breaking up passes in the flat and just being all over the field like he usually is.

-Sanzenbacher and Washington also had the blue jerseys on but seemed fine. 

-In the period where they do field goals and field goal blocks, they give T.Y. Williams a tennis racket to try to block kicks with.  This guy has a huge vertical and looks like a legit 6'7", so with a tennis racket, he was ridiculous.  He didn't block any, but most of them looked like they barely cleared the racket.

-The kickoff coverage team has to fight through blockers using these big padded shields on kickoff returns. 

-Philly Brown got a lot of reps, mostly running reverses and catching bubble screens, and he also made a nice catch on the sideline from Pryor on one of those fake-option dropback passes deep down the left sideline that Troy Smith used to throw so well.

-I heard C.J. Barnett say that he thought he could play in the Michigan game but that it would be stupid to because he wouldn't be able to get a medical redshirt.

-Tyler Moeller had his arm in a sling but seemed in good spirits, talking and joking with various people on the sidelines.

-Chad Hagan was riding a staionary bike- he's out for the year and would be redshirting anyway, right?

-Bauserman almost threw a ball over a fence on a play where he was just throwing the ball away.

-Brandon Saine is really big, but Herron and Hall look a lot quicker with their cuts.  This isn't news, but seeing it first-person made it more obvious why Herron and Hall are so much better as running backs.

-Jim Bollman is an angry person and really doesn't like fumbles and bad snaps.

-The last play of practice is a goal line situation from about the 3.  The whole team ran over to watch this play, and when Rod Smith got stopped inside the 1, there was much hooting and hollering.

-After practice was over, Hazell made T.Y. Williams and Philly Brown do "The Dog," where they had to hop on one leg while touching both hands to the ground with every hop, all the way down the field and back.  Hazell said it was "just a little reminder."

-One of the coaches called Pryor "the prodigal son."

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