OSU Recruits: Show the Love

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November 29, 2011 at 2:11 am

 In the age of social media that we live in, the ease at which anyone can send a message to a nationally recognized recruit is unprecedented. Below is a list of kids who are considering Ohio State and with Urban Meyer as the hottest story in college football right now, anything can happen. If you have a Twitter account, I would encourage you to send them a positive message, letting them know how much we'd love to see them in the Scarlet and Grey, and generally, just the support that #buckeyenation gives to any and all who are a part of the family.  


Dorial Green-Beckham---@DorialGB5  (I dont' think there's much chance he comes to the Big 10-looking like a future Big 12 star from what I read but you never know. Couldn't imagine a WR like him on the roster though. Urban Miracle #1?)

Ifeadi Odenigbo---@IfeadiOdenigbo (Academics are probably the most important part of the decision making process for this kid. He's a raw athlete with a lot of room to bulk up physically on the D-Line. I think he's looking hard at Stanford but he's from OH and we can't let kids like this get away. Shower love upon him)

Alton Howard---@Hunnit0nmyway (A FL WR who could play some tail back and would be a perfect fit in an Urban Meyer offense.  Only 5'9 but he is literally a human sparkplug and I would personally, love to see this kid running all over the Shoe)

Noah Spence---@nspence94 (5 Star Kid from PA--Don't have a good feel on where he's leaning. At the next level I think he could be moved from DE to OLB and be an absolute terror. Special athlete who could be great in pursuit and a constant disruptive presence for an opposing team)

Stefon Diggs---@SpeedyStefon1 (All around athlete and legitimate speedster. Could be someone really special on ST- He has offers from everywhere but who knows what magic Urban can pull off)





Ricquan Southward---@Ricquan9 (Stud athlete who I could see doing some serious damage in a spread system. Hopefully changing to OSU was the last time he changes his mind.)

Frank Epitropoulos---@F_Epitropoulos (Already committed & a great kid. He's a little taller but probably the next Hartline/Sanzenbacher type WR and I'm not saying that just because he's white. Nothing wrong with showing some love)

Bri'onte Dunn---@DunnItAlready25 (One of Urban's first calls was to him--There's talk that he is considering going to scUM & there are 2 reasons I don't want that to happen. 1/ I don't want anything good to happen to UM EVER. 2/ I don't want to play against this kid EVER. Send him a message letting him know that #buckeyenation is his home.)


That's a good start for now. If you have a spare minute, send one (or all) of these cats a positive message. Every little bit helps. GO BUCKS! 




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