A What-If Scenario

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November 3, 2013 at 8:01 pm

Hello 11W friends!
I graduated as a Dayton Flyer, so I am not in any position to even suggest that the athletic director at another school (even if I'm an obsessed fan of that school's football and basketball team) should be called out, fired, or anything like that. That being said, I was reading the comments on a CBS Sports article (it was the recap of the OSU Purdue game), and before you ask me what the hell I was doing that for, there was an LSU fan defending Ohio State, and he brought up a very interesting question regarding Gene Smith. This is pure speculation, but I was intrigued:
If Ohio State had self imposed a bowl ban the year before Meyer arrived, then OSU would have played Notre Dame in the national title game and probably would have won. This assumes that the NCAA would have accepted OSU self imposing a ban with no additional bans. I know a lot of us here think the NCAA would have given an additional year just to prove a point, but who really knows. Either way, if Ohio State beats Notre Dame and wins the national title, how high would they be ranked at this moment in time regardless of how weak the schedule is? How different would the national opinion be of the Buckeyes and how would that reflect in the rankings? Could Gene Smith have cost OSU not one but two shots at the national title by not self-imposing a bowl ban?
DISCUSS. My opinion is that you can blame whoever you want, but it's not Gene Smith's fault that the conference is AWFUL this year and it's not his fault that Tressel tried to cover up the tatoos. Also, I'm not a Gene Smith apologist as he screwed the bball team a couple years ago placing them in the region of death.

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