Another day in the SEC: South Carolina doesn't dispute violations

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December 15, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Seriously? Where you at ESPiN? From a monetary perspective, these violations are WAY worse than the the Tat-5. The hotel even had a special rate for athletes! That in itself is a big NCAA no no. Six scholarships over three years? Whoa now! Let's not get crazy!

For anyone curious, this is the hotel:

I know it's overkill at this point, but it's really getting annoying that violations are going on everywhere else, but they used all their resources to crucify Tressel. What's more, someone int he athletic department actually tried to dispute that the price is comparable to what they would have paid for off campus housing. What?! Are you joking? A hotel is not an apartment. If anything, their athletic department should be charged with extreme stupidity and failure to understand why a hotel and apartment are priced differently.


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