The Fake Lantern Campus Week in Review: Nov. 3–9

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November 10, 2013 at 10:22 pm


Campus Browns fans struggled to decide which duct-taped jersey to proudly wear on Monday.


Commentary: Ohio State sucks!


History majors couldn't believe no one else didn't give any Faulkes about it being November 5th.

A hopeful Lantern writer scribbled down "Urban Mired in Scandal" for safekeeping just in case.

And the Ohio State football team was confused as to how it drew 2 straight bye weeks.


OSU Linebacker Camren Williams and OSU shooting guard Kameron Williams entered a heated argument over which spelled his first name more wrong.

An Ohio State study found that the last lecture to pass without someone's "DROID!" ringtone going off was in 2010.

And we smack talked the inanimate idea of the "bye week."


A student who bought basketball tickets just to resell them couldn't believe how much the devil was willing to pay for his soul.

And a math major at the RPAC couldn't help but call it a "permutation" lock.

And Stat: The Ohio state bird is the cardinal.


Aaron Craft on his final opener: "Brah you know Ima steal the show."


And a rogue BCS computer was thinking it might just rank Ohio State number 1; why not.

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