Clay Travis -> **BREAKING NEWS** The Truth About Urban Meyer and Hernandez - What You Aren't Being Told

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July 11, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Urban is the devil... everything is his fault.
How it began:
Urban Meyer was seeing the rise of the all great and angelic Nick Saban, the greatest coach to ever live. Because he knew he was running out of talent left over from the previous regime at UF, he had to devise a plan to take control of the NCAA football empire. That is when it hit him while talking to his BFF Hernandez over a bowl of crack.
The plan:
Meyer would take a year off coaching, by faking a heart condition, to start a drug cartel out of UofF, running drugs sourced through Miami. He would use his ESPN gig as a cover for all his travel to college campuses to set up local distro branches on the biggest campuses within the US, focused on their football program. All he needed was one campus to keep clean, where he could facilitate taking the HC job immediately. Due to his connection with OSU and Gene Smith, Hernandez would go behind the scenes through a local tattoo shop owner pay for memorabilia and give them free tats. Meyer would pay a local lawyer to frame Tressel to make it seem like he knew everything all along. Knowing this would end up with the OSU HC position to be vacant for Meyer to swoop in.
When it started falling apart:
A few acquaintances of Hernandez found out about the plan and blew the lid a year too early. Meyer would not be ready to jump on the coaching job until a year later after he set up all the feeder local distro centers. He quickly disposed of the snitches and paid someone to say they saw Hernandez there, he would later use this to shield himself from blame later for the truth you are now hearing. He called on his buddy Gene Smith, had a chat ove a bowl of crack, and filled him in. Cutting Gene into the profits, Gene made sure that he hired from within someone not ready to be HC, but who could recruit with the best of them. This gave Meyer the extra year to set up the cartel across the nation on some of the biggest campuses.
The dawn of a new era:
Meyer called his buddy Gene up after the season and said he was ready, so they got together and talked over a bowl of crack. By that point Gene had paved a way for Meyer to come in and hold a recruiting seminar for the football world to see. He used some of his drug money to pay off recruits to come to OSU, flipping recruit after recruit, and smoking a bowl of crack with recruits going to other schools. Things were going great, 12-0 season, two top 5 recruiting classes, drug issue... after drug issue... after drug issue... started popping up because of Meyer's scheme and it was working perfectly. He was on top of the world, approaching what would most likely be 20 straight NC's with all the other major powerhouses and upstarts falling to drug issues.
And then...:
Again, Hernandez's acquaintances found out about the recruits being paid. Hernandez invited over a group of people over to hang out and smoke a bowl of crack while Meyer hid in the bushes. Meyer took his shot while everyone was distracted and planted the evidence linking Hernandez to the murder after disposing of the body. This being Hernandez's second offense, Meyer couldn't let it slide this time. Killing Hernandez wasn't an option, he needed someone to take the fall. He made a call and set into motion what we are seeing unfold today.
When it all fell apart:
But, we will not be fooled. I was told by a trusted source, I cannot name and cannot confirm that he exist, the truth. I know the truth and I will continue to share it with the world. Not only is Meyer responsible for Hernandez becoming a bad person, he was his drug dealer, he was the shooter, he hid the body, and he is behind every drug problem in college football. Unlike Saban and the rest of the angelic SEC, Urban is turning college football into a drug infested first person shooter with Urban as the ring leader. I will not rest until the real story is told.
-- Clay Travis (now with FOXSports "news")

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