I am hesitant about 11W hiring a beat writer......

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January 30, 2012 at 10:45 am

and I will say why. I love my Elevenwarriors.com but I didn't always come to this site for my buckeye news. Sometime years ago I followed another blog site that went through some changes that led me to leave and come over hear. Since that day I have been a devoted commentor to the 11W.

I would love 11W to get a beat writer to provide us faithful with more insider information, although I feel Alex and crew do an excellent job, and this site to grow and succeed to rival and challenge other sports websites. I am just concerned of how it may change my favorite website.

First we get a beat writer and start to become a leader in buckeye news. This beat writer does their job marvelously to the point that other "sports leaders" start to notice. Now this beat writer's stories start to show up on "sports leaders"websites as breaking news. Then this beat writer becomes a regular to show up on Sportscenter and then video commentary on B1G mailblogs. Then there will be a huge negotation for a buyout, all 11W staff will receive millions of dollars, they will take over the future ESPN Ohio State website as Adam Rittenburg is forced to submit his resignation and go join other B1G writers at Yahoo or something, alienate the people that helped get them there, total forget all about us, leave us at daycare never to return as we are forced into child services and then adopted by a "not so worthy" OSU website that doesn't provide the TLC that we have come to love over the years because the ones that cared for us abandoned us for success.................woosa! woosa! woosa!

So while you guys are sipping champagne with CEO George W. Bodenheimer, we are left to feast our eyes on revamped stories of why the buckeyes should bring back Bollman as the new head coach and fire Urban Meyers! GOD HELP US PLEASE!

I am all for donating to the cause and so should everyone of us commentors that can provide. I want you all to succeed! Just don't religate us to blogosphere pergatory when you become big and powerful and rich.

and don't sellout to the evil empire of sports broadcasting!

Respectfully yours,

Squirrel Master

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