Despite clear, concise rules for voting, you are just going to have to accept that people vote for their reasons!

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October 24, 2012 at 1:08 pm

I know we all would love for the voting to follow along the original intent of its purpose but it is kind of hard to follow it to a T! What might be offensive to one person might be totally justified to others. Also, you have to take into account that you may have commented with a certain intent but it wasn't conveyed the way you meant it to be. The 11W staff does what they can to provide a free speech forum for us all to discuss what we have mostly in common, our love for our BUCKEYES! I believe they do quite well and should be commended every day (although an everyday commend itself may warrant a downvote eventually). We all like to share our points, razz each other when we can and have a open policy to our differing opinions. This works very well despite the few outliers that we run into, trolls or just someone who wants to be annoying. Despite all of that, so far, I think its working. We just need to keep in mind that certain things might look worst to some and when it happens, you will get a downvote whether it meets policy or not.
People will do what people want to do. Here are a few things that I have noticed lately related to downvoting that maybe could avoid some of our conversations flowing away from the original topic.
1. If you say something that gets downvoted, don't follow it up with a "why did I get downvoted" and call people "jerks, morons or idiots". It will just make it worst! You will get downvoted at least once or twice just because someone just felt like it. It happens. If you start seeing that it has increased to 4-5, try to change the original comment as to avoid further downvotes with maybe a sorry or "did not think that was offensive". It should stop it immediately. If you read over your post and you don't see why it is offensive, then people will stick up for you. No reason to jump on people and MAKE IT WORST!
2. When you want to be sarcastic or be a little funny, try to use italics. It has been a staple around here for a while now that italics is the "sarcastic font". This should help keep those downvotes to a minimum because most people will understand you are not being serious. Either that or get better at being sarcastic! Also, if you see someone posting in italics, know that they are not intent on being offensive unless the comment is aimed directly at being offensive. Lets have some fun on here guys! Upvote when you can. Its not a race to see who can get the most or who can win. We are all winners because we all follow a winner!
3. Take a downvote lightly. Don't take it as someone is ruining your day! Counter a downvote with insightful comments from then on with the occassional sarcastic or off cuff stuff. If you continue to be an ass, you will really start to dislike the downvotes!
4. When posting, try to direct your comments towards someone. Use @squirrel master or I agree or disagree squirrel master! When you go off half cocked on a rant, some will take it as towards them and you will see your downvotes rise exponentially.
5. If you are concerned about being downvoted to -50 and not able to comment or vote or anything on here, you might want to seriously think about what you are saying. It might not be the downvoters who are wrong! Just sayin!
It would be nice if everyone votes according to policy but this is reality and in reality, things don't always go according to plan. Just accept the voting with a grain of salt and understand that despite how others feel about your comment, you have the freedom and right to make your comment. At least until Jason and Co. kick you out!
Now try to upvote when you can! Even if you feel it may not meet the criteria for an upvote but you like it anyways, go for it! What is it going to do, move someone out of the top 100 upvoted members? I wouldn't mind!

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