I Dreamed a Dream

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November 9, 2013 at 9:55 pm

A weird dream I actually had...
Ohio State was playing in the SEC only in football somehow (maybe Notre Lame inspired this part).  We were bullying everybody in the SEC and the media was frantic.  That part of the dream was like animals in the sports talking head world...sorry, I couldn't make out May or Herbstreit, or any others...it was all animal noises, squawking, braying, scratching...all very angry while we tore through the conference...It was a garbled mess of a dream.  And you were there, and you, and you, and Hove, you looked a lot like Toto.
But it was a glorious dream.
I live in Arkansas and am soon moving back to Charleston, South Carolina.  So I live the "submersed in SEC life...pity me..."  But I didn't want to wake up from this dream, and it was one of those dreams where you kinda know you're dreaming, and half wake up and then will yourself under again...anyone else have those? 
Anyway, in my dream, we were the bane of the SEC...I saw glimpses of pounding LSU and Florida both into the dirt, running Bert around a pen of mud while we're sitting on a fence somewhere (I think that came from my childhood cause my folks raised hogs on this farm when I was a kid) and then like turning around, Alabama is waiting in an end zone to get a crack at us the same freaking night!  So we played like FOUR games, one after the other, fans in the stands eerily changing with each team, and we're dog tired and dragging at the end of the Bama game...in a close fought unexpectedly low scoring slobber knocker...when late in the game Johnson punts from the OSU endzone...a 97 yard punt, I swear I remembered the distance exactly, and pins Alabama on their own 3!  The very next play is like really weird and fuzzy cause flying things interrupted some of it, and it went on a nightmarishly long time, but the play somehow ends when Christian Bryant and Bradley Roby both catch an interception...simultaneously...and somehow run it into the end zone with both hanging onto the ball!! 
Our defense forces a three and out, and our offense kills the clock with Hyde...and it's like I get sleepy...in my dream!  And as I fall asleep in my freaking dream, I wake up in my bed, and well...that's the dream, doctor.
Am I crazy?
But when I did wake up...I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I was like, "Yeah!  We can do it...we can do it!"
This Urban led team going forward will be able to sustain multiple hard fought games, and if they were tested in the vaunted SEC, we absolutely would rewrite the national narrative about the Buckeyes in a matter of weeks. 
College football is wise to fear and hate us.
Very wise, indeed.
But anyway, back to the Dream.  I came to the conclusion, after seeking good counsel...that it was prophetic.  There were lights, booming voices, and everything (of course, the booming voices concerned me a bit).
So...Sometime in the future, Ohio State will ravage the SEC and will be the most feared opponent mauler in the land.
So says the Law of the Medes and Persians which cannot be altered or undone.

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