Best QB in the B10

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October 14, 2013 at 10:07 pm

I know this is not going to be popular, and I'm going to preface with I'm a diehard buckeye fan. But, the best QB in the B10 IMO is Hackenburg at Penn St. The command of the offense, along with his poise, accuracy and arm strength is incredible.  He is getting pro coaching, something Ohio St QB's do not get. This is year 3 for Braxton and still hasn't reached his full potential. He will be another project going into the NFL just like Terrelle Pryor, and could eventually be a great pro.  The best thing Urban could do is hire a coach who knows how to coach a QB, because we didn't have that with Tressel, and we still don't have that with Urban. 2 weeks in San Diego with George Whitfield is not sufficient, we need a QB guru on staff.  Hackenburg was playing high school football this time last year, and for him to play that we'll against a Greg Mattison coached defense is impressive. Give a lot of credit to Bill Obrien for putting him in situations to be successful, but Christian Hackenburg made great decisions most of the day, and to me, looked like he is heads and shoulders the best QB in the B10.

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