Would you be more motivated by beating TTUN or winning the Leaders Division?

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September 12, 2012 at 6:02 pm

The fatal flaw in Tim Brando's logic (well, besides the actual facts) is that no Buckeye fan I know cares about some meaningless trophy.  Brando's comments shows he doesn't understand Buckeye football culture. We know our sanctions are a bit of a joke and this trophy doesn't make up for that. Besides divisions being new to us anyway, winning a trophy for the Leader's division is about that same to Buckeye fans as getting  "participants" ribbon in youth soccer.  
Since we don't have a true postseason, I feel that Buckeye fans, coaches, & players are truly motivated by the following goals:
(2) Dominate BIG on the field of play.
(3) Potential undefeated season (let your play do the talking). 
(4) Top 10 finish in the polls.
If we accomplish these goals - we'd win the BIG Leaders division anyway. Accomplishments motivate BUCKEYES - not meaningless trophys.  Who does Brando think Urban (or we fans) are - Indiana?  The whole concept of his is flawed.  Let's prove it here right now:
QUESTION: Would you rather - (A) play the season to beat TTUN or (B) win the Leaders division trophy?
You know what my vote is...

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