Ranking the Buckeyes

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November 24, 2012 at 8:11 pm

Here's how I'd rank how each Buckeye did this season. WDYT?
Rank Name Pos Class Skinny
1 Miller, Braxton QB SO Tapered off noticeably near the end of the year but excellent passing in the first half against Michigan kept OSU in the game.
2 Shazier, Ryan LB SO Started the season slow but was absolutely dynamic in the second half.
3 Roby, Bradley DB SO Excellent pass defense and run support all season long.
4 Hankins, Johnathan DL JR OSU's best talent.
5 Hyde, Carlos RB JR Took over for Braxton the last third of the season. Ferocious, clever, and dependable.
6 Simon, John DL SR Dominant game against Wisconsin a key to undefeated season.
7 Mewhort, Jack OL JR Road grader. Seemed to struggle in pass defense against Michigan however.
8 Boren, Zach LB/FB SR Subpar pass defense but stellar against the run.
9 Howard, Travis CB SR Held up fairly well despite being picked on all season. Fought courageously through painful stingers.
10 Brown, Corey WR JR Solid and versatile, if not dynamic.
11 Williams, Nathan DL SR Gutty, inspiring senior season from a player who exhibited some character problems early in his career.
12 Smith, Devin WR SO OSU's closest approximation of a gamebreaker. Muff against Michigan hurt his ranking.
13 Linsley, Corey OL JR Would rank higher if not for his erratic long-snapping against Michigan.
14 Barnett, C.J. DB JR Finished the season with one of his best games despite missed tackle against Denard.
15 Bryant, Christian DB JR Finished the season with one of his best games despite missed tackle against Denard.
16 Sabino, Etienne LB SR Above average in run support; terribly shaky against the pass. Took some poor angles.
17 Basil, Drew P/K JR Decent at kickoffs. Strong day kicking field goals against Michigan was huge.
18 Norwell, Andrew OL JR Very strong season was a great surprise.
19 Hall, Marcus OL JR Like Norwell, showed a lot of improvement this season.
20 Goebel, Garrett DL SR Dependable but very unspectacular.
21 Washington, Adolphus DL FR Elite, exciting prospect. Great strip of Gardner early on.
22 Smith, Rod RB SO Runs with elite speed and power but needs to hold on to the football.
23 Fragel, Reid OL SR One of the great stories of the season, but shaky game against Michigan dropped him down the list.
24 Johnson, Orhian DB SR Brave tackler but average (at best) in pass coverage and decision-making.
25 Heuerman, Jeff TE SO Good blocker with decent hands. Pedestrian athlete however.
26 Spence, Noah DL FR Showed flashes in limited playing time.
27 Guiton, Kenny QB JR Late-game heroics against Purdue saved the season.
28 Buchanan, Ben P/K SR Surprisingly erratic senior season.
29 Vannett, Nick TE FR Has good hands and blocks fairly well, but like Heuerman, not a plus athlete.
30 Stoneburner, Jake TE SR Very disappointing senior season. Was he overrated all along, or just misused?
31 Bennett, Michael DL SO Provided decent relief for OSU's starting DL.
32 Makridis, George LS JR Zero bad snaps on the season and drew a crucial penalty against Penn State.
33 Hale, Joel DT SO See Bennett.
34 Grant, Doran CB SO Seemed promising in the early going but got absolutely torched in limited playing time later in the season.
35 Hall, Jordan RB SR Heady, shifty player who lacks power and explosiveness.
36 Decker, Taylor OL FR Showed real promise in extremely limited playing time.
37 Brown, Corey DB JR Can't seem to earn time on the field.
38 Reeves, Armani CB FR Very good freshman year on special teams.
39 Dunn, Bri'onte RB FR Promising athlete whose season was cut short by an injury.
40 Spencer, Evan WR SO Simply cannot get open. Blocks well.
41 Thomas, Michael WR FR Better talent than Spencer but penalties far outweighed his limited production.
42 Fields, Chris WR JR Doesn't contribute when he gets playing time.
43 Miller, Steve DL SO Hasn't shown much in limited playing time.
44 Moore, J.T. DL SO Hasn't shown much in limited playing time.
45 Perry, Joshua LB FR Inability to contribute provoked Boren's conversion to LB.
46 Grant, Curtis LB SO Have the coaches given up on Grant? Has he given up on football? OSU could desperately use him playing up to his hype.
47 Griffin, Adam CB SO Ceiling seems to be special teams.
48 Domicone, Zach DB SR Lacked the talent to contribute much during his career.
49 Homan, Adam RB SR With Boren ahead of him, never found a way to see the field on a regular basis.
50 Reed, Verlon WR SO Failed to bolster a very thin receiving corps. Hopefully he'll improve after another year since his ACL injury.
51 Klein, Storm LB SR Did his best, but simply didn't measure up to OSU's standards.
52 Carter, Chris DL FR Converted from OL to DL. He certainly has the size to play NT, but hasn't shown anything yet.

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