A Case for El Guapo

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November 16, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Many Buckeye fans think that Carlos Hyde is a good back but not quite good enough to be worthy of elite back status. I'm not here to argue that Carlos is the best back in OSU history, however I do think that he deserves to be mentioned when people talk about the great back in OSU history. There are still likely four more games left in Carlos' Buckeye career and his carries, yardage, and TD totals will only increase. However as of the end of the Illinois game, Carlos still has some pretty impressive numbers. Carlos' recent 246 yards in the Illinois game is good (great) enough to earn him a 3rd place tie with Archie Griffin for most yards in a game. You're doing alright if you share anything with Archie himself. Oh and Hyde scored three more TDs and got his yards on six less carriers than the great Archie.
Totals (current as of Illinois game)
- Season (projected at current pace*)
120 (188) carries, 947(1485) yds, 7.9 YPC avg, 135 YPG, 11(16.5) TD
- Career (projected at current pace*)
435(503) carries, 2624(3162), 6.3 YPC avg, 93 YPG, 33(38.5) TD
At 135 YPG, he's on pace to finish in 5th place all time in YPG average for the season behind George, Byars, and Archie (twice). First place is Eddie George at 148 and fourth place is 141. Throw out his five carry, 41yd day vs FAMU and Carlos' average is up to a heady 151 YPG average. Even with that game on the books, Carlos has a great chance of finishing high in the OSU record books in that category. Just as an FYI, current 5th place for season numbers is held by Tim Spencer with 128 YPG. Carlos' career YPG numbers project him to finish 4th just behind Beanie's 93.9 average and ahead of Robert Smith's 88.4 average.
Hyde now has 33 TDs in his career. If he keeps his average for the season, Carlos will finish with 38-39 TDs in his career. This would place him in 4th place behind Eddie's 44 TDs and ahead of Tim Spencer's 36 TDs.
Carlos has 11 100+ yard games, you have to figure he'll finish with 15. All these numbers would get a huge boost had he not been suspended for the three games at the start of the season. For example, his projected yards for the season without the suspension would have been 1,890 yards & 21 TDs. Those numbers could have meant Carlos would've contended for season rushing record and career TD numbers. Again that's with that 5 carry, 41 yard performance against FAMU. Had he not been suspended, he would have probably toted it more than 5 carries in that game.
Still it's hard to argue that Carlos isn't having a special season and should go down as one of the top backs in OSU history. In the end though his legacy at OSU could be decided by the results of the final two games of his career. How does he do on the big stage when the pressure on? How will he respond when OSU needs him with a potential B10 championship, BCS win, or NCG game on the line? Take a look at the second half of last season NW, Wisconsin, & Iowa games this season if there are any worries about how OSU will fare when they're counting on Carlos.
* Assumes B10 championship and bowl games
Source: http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/graphics/pdf/m-footbl/1112_guide_8recor... & ESPN stats

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