Tressel Truth Irony

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December 14, 2013 at 10:25 pm

CWatching this 30 for 30 and much of this is very entertains but not the way I remember it, at the time. It's funny how time changes perception. I remember the allegations against Clarret, him calling out Geiger while we were in Arizona, him already saying he should play both ways the next year, etc. I remember the NCAA investigation beginning after his car incident. But I thought I remember him calling out the school about providing test ahead of time, answers, not even having to take required tests in some classes. I was furious at the time of him speaking out about the school. I've not heard any of thus, so far. I don't remember us being infuriated with him about possible NFL speculation, like they are saying. But rather trying to throw the school under the bus. That's not mentioned. I guess the strange thing while watching this is I no longer believe a word Tressel says when I hear his words. I can totally remember when that was not the case and I was totally against this kid calling out The Ohio State University. Tressel even tells Maurice in this documentary "that the best defense is the truth," and not to worry about him and tell the truth. Wow, what irony. Or maybe worse hypocrisy. Very interesting the stuff they've chosen to cover, and how my perception has been swayed by later events

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