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September 1, 2013 at 3:03 am

Let me tell everyone who is absolutely freaking after today's win why everything is ok. First, when this team had their foot on the gas they scored at will and forced buffalo off the field in 3 and out most drives. Second, a lot of people wanted to see the buckeyes come out and win by 1000 today, which is awesome and everything but I think your goals for the team and the coaches goals are a little different. With the scholly reductions depth will be the one thing that can bring this team down this year. The goal was simple, come out, put them down early, and get out HEALTHY. We saw what happened when the injuries started in one game today, we are so thin at certain positions that getting the starters some rest and the young guys some reps has to be a priority during this cake of an OOC schedule. Everyone wants to run the score up on people, but when Wisconsin and Northwestern comes around and Roby gets hurt, Shazier goes down for a half, Spence is out, all the sudden your gunna wish the young guns would have got their feet wet in these games where the outcome is never really in doubt. I'm pretty sure anyone who was watching that first quarter could see if the goal for the day was to drop 70, they would have done it. So be happy fellow buckeyes, the team came out, made sure the outcome was never in jeopardy after the first quarter, and made sure none of the big pieces went down for an extended period of time while the young guys got their reps. (Disclaimer, this is all my opinion of what I think the staff wanted out of today, it could be complete horseshit)
However if you must have something to fret over here are two. First Decker got his pants beat off him continuously, no scratch that, constantly. That could be a huge issue as after him I have no idea who would step in. Second, like I said depth, this team is more talanted than everyone on the schedule, but something like Shazier going down could be disasterous. 
And one final thought, Wilson is going to be unbelievable. Anyone who has any opinion contrary to this is too drunk. 

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