Go Bucks...Michigan Sucks!!!

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August 12, 2013 at 8:20 am

Go Bucks...Michigan Sucks!!!
The time is drawin` near...grab a dog and a beer
There`s gonna be a party at the shoe
Buckeye fans all know… that this team is gonna roll
And this place is gonna rock.. when they do
Yea..we got Urban Meyer…and he`s settin` the bar higher
To him…just bein` good aint good enough
Cuz  The Ohio State…won`t settle for nothing` less than great
And till we climb that hill we won`t let up……
Go Bucks….Michigan sucks!!
Go ahead and stick a fork…in that sorry team up north
Lord knows if they`ll ever win again
As for all of the rest…we`ll stomp on them like pests
Runnin` rough shod over the Big Ten
Then look out S.E.C. …a reckoning there`ll be
Your time has come and now you`re out of luck
And you will rue the day…that you met scarlet and gray
A  roundhouse punch is comin`…you can`t duck
Go Bucks….Michigan sucks!!
Go Bucks….Michigan sucks!!

I wrote this little ditty a while back. It`s only about two minutes long. Short but sweet and to the point. Hope you like it! 
I love summer and I`m in no hurry to see it come to an end , but at least I know I`ll have Buckeye football to look forward to when it does. After Urban`s inaugural season ( undefeated no less! ) how could one not be ramped up for this year!!  A tiny part of me almost feels sorry for the losers up north.  Forget I just said that...a weak moment on my part. Lord knows  they  don`t have any humility. They have what..one victory in the last decade? And they had the nerve to actually gloat about it!  Naw..forget sorry.  Anybody who routes for the maize& blue deserves what they get ( and they`re gonna  get it! ). An ass whipping!!
Go Bucks!!

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