Michigan Gameplan a Blueprint to Beat OSU?

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December 1, 2013 at 12:43 pm

So after watching Michigan create mismatches and coverage issues for Ohio State's defense, I am wondering if they have given a clue to future opponents as to how to beat OSU.
I know that the Good Guys got the win in the end, but somehow ttun made our defense look as bad as anyone has made them look all season.  Yes, our tackling was extra poor in The Game this year, although tackling has been a problem all year.  I more concerned about the apparent weaknesses that showed up on the field at AA yesterday.  We were unable to adjust for the well-timed screen passes, and even on only one good leg the Michigan QB was able to move around enough to get the job done, although missed tackles helped him have a second chance on several plays.  Our coverage was not good, our tackling was downright poor, and our defensive schemes left a lot to be desired (or maybe our guys weren't able to execute the defenses that were called - I can't tell from the outside looking in).
It would seem that a team with a mobile QB who can stay alive long enough to make plays would be a matchup problem.  It definitely seems like a team with receivers who run good routes and are strong YAC guys would create headaches for Ohio State as well.  Someone like this year's Florida State team would fit that description, possibly. 
This is the first year that Ohio State has had a game the week following Michigan.  There is a physical toll that a rivalry game takes, and over the years the players on both sides have stated that it is the hardest hitting game that they have ever been in.  The Buckeyes will need to recover physically and strategically by next Saturday night in order to defeat Michigan State in the B1G CG.  Here's hoping that Michigan's game plan doesn't give MSU a blueprint that they can use to defeat the Buckeyes.
Ohio State coaches and players, here is your chance.  Time to put up or shut up.
Go Bucks!

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