Gator-on-Gator block Reveals More SEC Awesomeness

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November 27, 2013 at 10:28 pm

 Comic Relief: Gator-on-Gator Block
Okay so is this one Urban's fault too?  Apparently during the Florida Gators loss to Georgia Southern or whichever Georgia Directional School that was, there is a video of a play where two of Florida's players blocked each other while on offense.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.  I have coached youth football at several age groups, including the youngest group, which starts at age 6 if I recall correctly.  I could maybe, but only maybe, imagine it if both teams were wearing colors that were similar enough so that at first glance two guys on the same team might briefly engage each other in a block, but these two guys from Florida were locked up for most of the play.  Dude, if you're blocking someone you have to be focused enough to see what color their uniform is.  There is no way you block your own guy for that long if you are paying attention.  
Maybe Florida State can get knocked off in the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game, because something tells me that they are not going to lose versus Florida if stuff like this is happening on the Gators offense.  Even if the game between the two schools is in Gainesville this year.  

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