Scarlet_Buckeye's thoughs on OSU vs. Buffalo

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September 2, 2013 at 1:24 am

1st Quarter:
I hate how on kickoffs we only cover 3/4ths of the field and not space the entire width of the field.
GD it... I thought our coaches said they were going to go away from that "bend, but don't break" mentality and be more aggressive on defense. Wtf was up with that soft coverage again by our secondary? So sick of seeing that shit coverage the past 5-6 seasons.
Holy shit. Braxton Miller... 3rd play of the game... 1st pass of the season... 47 yard STRIKE right to Devin Smith. LOVE IT!  That was an ABSOLUTE STRIKE. Right on the MONEY.
Surprised they snapped that to Guitton on the extra point. Yeah they had the numbers, but I don't like "wasting" that against BUFFALO. Why show your cards EARLY?
GD it ESPN game coverage... Stop showing the coaches on the sideline... The fans... Basically everything BUT the game. These teams are running up tempo offenses and you're missing the plays because your too damn busy showing the coaches on the sidelines!!! Also, I want to see the pre-snap alignments, so I'd appreciate it if you'd show footage of the field 5secpnds before the damn snap!
Wow... Dontre Wilson showing some speed and moves with his 1st touch. Maybe the hype is real?
Love miller demonstrating patience in the pocket. Could have tucked it and ran, but he showed poise and hung in their for a nice strike. THAT's what I want to see... Growth.
True freshman DE Joey Bosa has the size of a junior. Dude is going to be legit.
Braxton escaped an "intentional grounding", but the dumb announcers were calling for a safety. Ugh... He threw the ball from the 1 yard line. He wasn't in the endzone.
I really like Hall. I don't know why fans don't like him. He runs hard... Us quick... He's got some good moves. Looked real shifty on that option run.
Lol. Corey Brown laying the WOOD.
LOL at the crowd "booing" bc the team kicked the PAT and not going for 2 again.

2nd Quarter:
That's TWICE now "Philly" Brown has "muffed" the punt. Not happy.
Miller w his first bad pass. Devin Smith was wide opened and miller just sailed it.
TERRIBLE play call on that 4th and 1.
Only in the 2nd Q, and I can't help but notice Shazier is making almost every tackle. Kid is simply unreal.
Ron Tanner? Who?! Walk on?
Wilson with his 2nd touch making a freshman mistake... Coughing up the football. C'mon man.
So far, Reeves is the weaker of the two at corner between him and Doran Grant. He's been getting picked on. Now w a personal foul (perhaps showing some frustration).
There goes the shut out. TE scoring. LB is responsible for the TE. Bet it was Curtis Grant. Lets take a look on the replay... Yep. #14. Curtis Grant. Wow. Kid just can't get it. Just looks completely lost on pass coverage.
Wow.  Helluva play by Buffalo's DE Mack there. And he outran Wilson and Miller. Wow. What a play.
This chick announcer is GD awful. Women just shouldn't be allowed to announce football games. It's just not right.
Dontre Wilson makes amends for his last 2 plays w a big return on the kickoff.
That read option w Hall up the middle is killin Buffalo.
WHAT! What is Shazier doing getting carted off the field!?! Wtf happened?!?!  When?!?!
Cramping they think????  Dear god... Plz let it be just cramps.
Freshman Trey Johnson replacing Shazier.
Alright. I'm over Corey Brown returning punts. He just called a fair catch there and had about 10 yards before the nearest defender. 2 muffs and that?  We need someone new back there.
Mack just ABUSED Taylor Decker. Is this Mack guy NFL worthy? He's been very impressive.
Reeves again getting tested. This time deep. He was burnt, but luckily made up at the last second.
And couple plays later Reeves drops a clear INT. not too pleased w Reevs today.
3rd Quarter:
Wow. Taylor Decker is definitely the weak spot of this offense. Looks like Matt Taylor out there... Always hitting himself while the play is still going on. That how bad he's messed up a couple times.
Wow. Reeves giving up a big play on a quick screen. Smh at Reeves today. What a disappointment.
Just as I'm saying that, Reeves getting beat AGAIN. 
DT Joel Hale has been impressive. Making a lot of the plays now w Shazier out.
Reeves beat on the TD to Neutz. Neutz is literally eating Reeves alive right now. Really missing Roby.
Neutz = 8 receptions. 90 yards. 1 TD. And there's still a quarter of play left.
Shazier back out and on the bike. Has to be a sign that it was cramps.
Miller down now. Good lord. Cramps everywhere. Water boy isn't doing his damn job. Come on CB!!!!!
Miller back on the field. Good sign.
Good lord Miller... What the hell was that?!?!
HUGE defensive penalty on Mack. Whew. Sight of relief.
Buffalo has no answer for that read option up the middle. Makes you wonder what we could do with Hyde in an I-formation.
Wow. Mack just fought off an impressive block in the open field and made a nice tackle on Hall. VERY impressed w this Mack guy.
Miller cramping AGAIN. Geez.
Guitton w a GREAT read on the read option. Love seeing your backup being able to make a good read.
First look at Warren Ball at RB.
Kenny w a nice strike to Chris Fields. Love that we have a solid backup. If miller goes down, we can still move the ball w Guitton.
Shazier back out on the field now. HUGE sight of relief.
If I'm buffalo, why a, I going away from Neutz and Reeves? They've had a decisive advantage their all day.

4th Quarter:
1st good play I've seen by Reeves against Neutz. Reeves MIGHT have got away w a little PI tho. Not surprised at all they went w a jump ball that close to the endzone.
Shazier w a great stop to keep Buffalo's RB out of the endzone.
You can't fumble the snap on 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line. That's why you're buffalo.
Miller going Xbrax 360 for a 40 yard run. Finally.
Miller w an under thrown deep ball to Devin Smith. Clear that Devin Smith is our deep threat. No surprise tho.
Jesus. Corey Brown has NO HANDS whatsoever. Get him out of there.
Ezekiel Elliot sighting.
Dontre Wilson w another jet sweep. Would love to see us try to get the ball to him BESIDES a jet sweep.
Elliott looks bigger out there than I would have thought.
Drew Basil 1st FG attempt. Right down the middle. Good sign.
3 min left in the 4th Q... Get Miller the heck out of there.
Heck... Get ALL the starters out of there.

Final thoughts:
Depth is definitely an issue. Will be fine making it thru the season, but could cost us a chance at the title.
Miller definitely showed improvement. He demonstrated he can make a read, and he looked way more comfortable sitting in the pocket, instead of tucking it and taking off.
Where was Tyvis Powell?
Where was Michael Thomas?
Also... Didn't see Jalin Marshall or Gareon Conley anywhere. Would have thought those would have been 2 freshmen we would have seen.
The defensive line looked good, though Spence and Washington were VERY quiet. Hale looked the best out of the lineman.
Christian Bryant was quiet.
The offensive line is SICK. One of the best Olines performances in recent memory. Decker is without question the weak spot, but hopefully we can hide him and get thru.
The jury is still out on the Aussie punter. Not sure he has the leg strength I'd like to see from our punter. Thankfully I don't think we'll be punting too much tho.
Curtis Grant looked decent on run plays, but looked lost on pass coverage.
Doran Grant will be a VERY solid #2 CB.
Armani Reeves has some major work to do.
The hype on Dontre Wilson is definitely a little over exaggerated (no surprise). Kid has some very nice quickness, but he's not an immediate game changer (ala Laquon Treadwell).

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