12-OH: Thoughts on 'The Game'

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November 25, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Drama before the game

  • Didn't like #26, Michigan FR Dennis Norfleet, getting in the face of Bradley Roby. Norfleet isn't even a starter (unless you count starting kick returner) and he's INITIATING butting heads with one of our star defensive players.  He was looking to cause trouble and potentially get one of our better players ejected early; fortunately, Roby kept cool and didn't succumb to his antics.

  • Michigan, again, shows it's class as their team is coming out onto the field and #5, Justice Hayes, takes a cheap shot at Ryan Shazier, shoving his head. #StayClassyMichigan

  • I understand it's pre-game... and I know the emotions are running... I know there's a lot of jawing going around... but I think these two players for Michigan acted like idiots.

1st Quarter
OSU's 1st drive...

  • Michigan could not stop Carlos Hyde up the middle to save their life.  I talk more about this play specifically later.  I'm actually quite upset that the staff did not call his number & up the middle more.
  • Michigan's LB Jake Ryan was seriously the only player who concerned me almost ever single play.  I couldn't help but ask myself almost every play, "Where's Jake Ryan lined up?"
  • The bomb to Devin Smith on the opening drive was beautiful.  It was a little under-thrown, but Miller read the coverage perfectly and dropped it in there beautifully.
  • The opening drive was a great way to set the tone for the game.
  • Don't understand why you pooch kick it [and risk kicking the ball out-of-bounds] right after the touchdown.  That was a terrible decision, in my opinion.

Michigan's 1st drive...

  • On Michigan's opening play, SO Michael Bennett came flying into the backfield and absolutely BLEW up the play.  Unfortunately, he missed the tackle [and so too did CJ Barnett], and Denard was able to break one for a big gain.  Unfortunately, the tackling would be a HUGE problem throughout the game; especially the 1st half.
  • OSU has Michigan in a 2nd & 3, and Michigan runs a quick shovel to Denard.  Bennett, Shazier, and Goebel all whiff on tackling Robinson, allowing Denard to pick up the 1st down.  This is a PERFECT example where missing John Simon hurts.  Bennett was in there replacing Simon; no way Simon misses that tackle.  Michigan would have been looking at 3rd & 3.
  • Buckeyes get TAKEAWAY #1.  I say TAKEAWAY because that's exactly what it was.  Michigan didn't GIVE it away; true FR, Adolphus Washington, BLEW right by "all world" LT Taylor Lewan (as if Lewan was standing still) and caused that fumble.  Oh, and did I mention, Lewan was even pulling Washington's jersey too!
  • Gotta give credit to Michigan... they stuff Hyde up the middle, give up a short out-pass, and then catch Miller scrambling for a big loss to send Ohio State 3 & out.

OSU's 2nd drive...

  • Miller concerns me a little with how "soft" he can be.  He fell down on his arm (after slipping) and walks off the field clutching his arm.

Michigan's 2nd drive...

  • 2nd & 10... Michigan hands the ball off to Vincent Smith... Nathan Williams has Smith in the backfield for what should have been a 5 yard loss, but Williams doesn't make the tackle and Michigan ends up in a 3rd & 2, instead of a 3rd & 15.  #SMH
  • The very next play, Gardner rolls out to his right and hits Roy Roundtree with a simple 14 yard out-pass, but because Barnett takes a HORRIBLE angle, Roundtree is able to scamper past him and take it for 6.  Here's 7 points Michigan.  You're welcome.

OSU's 3rd drive...

  • Miller absolutely JUKED Frank Clark out of his jockstrap.
  • Gotta give props to Michigan... OSU didn't have very many yards after contact.
  • 1st & 10... Nick Vannett (who had an AWFUL game) does a horrendous job of blocking Jake Ryan (he basically makes contact with Ryan and then lets him go), and Ryan rushes into the backfield and causes Miller to caugh-up the football.  Luckily Hyde recovered the football, but Ryan caused a loss of 8 and forced the Buckeyes into 2nd & 18.  Luckily Miller would hit Brown on 3rd & 14 to keep the chains moving.  At this point in the game, Miller is having his way against "the best pass defense in the country."
  • Nick Vannett then has a false start, setting the Buckeyes back to 1st & 15.
  • Corey Brown now with a hold (on who? Jake Ryan nonetheless), forcing the Buckeyes to 1st & 25. #SMH
  • Very next play, TE Jeff Heuerman rocks forward and should have been called for a false start.  Should have been 1st & 30, but the play continues and Miller is able to hit Evan Spencer to cut it down to 2nd & 16.
  • Ohio State with ANOTHER false start, pushing the Buckeyes back to 2nd & 21.  Marcus Hall ALMOST rivals JB Shugarts...
  • Buckeyes eventually have to settle for 3 as they stop themselves due to penalties; not-so-much do to anything Michigan's defense did.

Michigan's 3rd drive...
[End of 1st Quarter]
2nd Quarter
cont. Michigan's 3rd drive...

  • DE Michael Bennett once again doing an amazing job of staying home & reading the play; chasing down Gardner and forcing him to throw a low, incomplete pass.
  • Gardner scrambles and hits WR Jeremy Galleon on a 4 yard pass, but Galleon has room to run and turn it into a 36 yard completion.  BUT there was a late flag thrown (and rightfully so) as Roundtree threw a blatant pick.  I'm sure most UM homers will scream bloody murder about this, but there are two blatant giveaways that this was a pick...
  • Galleon doesn't even leave the line of scrimmage until a solid 2-3 seconds after the snap.  Why's that, you ask?  So Roundtree can find the guy covering Galleon and set a pick.
  • Galleon brings his arms up and makes NO effort whatsoever to avoid contact.
  • Gardner misses Drew Dilleo on a deep one.  If Gardner could ever throw an accurate deep ball, he could be deadly.
  • Can't understand it for the life of me, but Urban decides to go after the punt.  Sure enough, the Buckeyes run into the kicker.  I suppose with the aggressive play-style Meyer brings to this team, those are calls we're going to have to live with.  One of those... live-by-the-sword-die-by-the-sword type plays.
  • Ohio State GIVES Michigan a free one as Corey Brown muffs the same punt noted directly above.  Let's be clear... this was NOT a Michigan takeaway; this was an Ohio State gift.
  • Ohio State had all the momentum in the world... not sure why you pressure the punt and leave no one back to field the kick.  IMO, they should have setup a safe punt return and simply given the ball back to the offense.

Michigan's 4th drive...

  • Bucks stuff the run up the middle.
  • Drew Dilleo drops what would have been a 1st down.  No worries tho, Ohio State is flagged with a soft "roughing the passer."  I think I agree with the call, in that I think the refs had to call it, but there's no question it was a soft "hit."  Buckeyes GIVING Michigan life again...
  • Robinson rushes to the right and makes a helluva Superman dive.  I gotta give it to him, in real-speed, I thought he made it in reaching the ball out.  The replay tho clearly showed his knee was down, however, before the ball crossed the goal-line.
  • Denard breaks the plane on a 1 yard run to give Michigan a 14-10 lead.  At this point, I gotta be honest... my "Worried Meter" is at about a 60-65%.

OSU's 4th drive...

  • On 3rd & 2, OSU is called for a false start on Michael Thomas (not sure I agree with the call), pushing them back to 3rd & 7.
  • On the very next play, Miller is flattened by Frank Clark.  Once again, Miller is slow to get up.
  • I'll give credit to Michigan on the sack, but again, I think this drive stalled more because of OSU's lack of discipline than Michigan's defense.  If it wasn't for the false start penalty, OSU is looking at 3rd & 2 and likely handing it off to Hyde.  So, once again, OSU GIVING Michigan life.

Michigan's 5th drive...

  • 3rd & 4... secondary does a good job of blanketing Michigan's wide receivers, as Gardner cannot find anything and flushes himself out to the left.  Nathan Williams charges the line to make a tackle, but he runs right by Gardner and gives up the 1st down.  To make matters worse, OSU continues to shoot themselves in the foot as Shazier picks up a personal foul on the end of the play.  Williams has to break-down and make a play there.  If he does, Shazier never picks up the 15-yarder.  Once again... OSU GIVING Michigan life.
  • Very next play will go down in Buckeye folklore... as Zach Boren absolutely DESTROYS Devin Gardner, putting Michigan into 2nd & 19.

  • Shazier pressure & sacks Gardner, forcing 4th & 26.  Sidenote: love the "chip" that Robinson tried putting on Shazier. Lol.
  • Michigan punts... Dennis Norfleet (the same twit that was causing trouble pre-game) with a blatant 15-yd facemask that the referees failed to call.  #SMH

OSU's 5th drive...

  • After feeding El Guapo (Carlos Hyde) and having success, the Bucks try to get fancy and stop feeding the big man.  Jake Ryan has Miller in the backfield, but Miller breaks Ryan's ankles and rushes back to the scrimmage for a no gain.
  • Back to Hyde, and a 12 yard gain
  • Miller to Corey Brown on a simple out... OSU demonstrates how to run a "pick" route without actually picking.

Michigan's 6th drive...

  • This drive absolutely kills me... BOILS my blood... at the beginning of this drive, the score is 17-14 Ohio State, with a minute-30 left in the half.  Robinson is in at QB, and you know he can't throw.  You KNOW all Michigan is trying to do is run out the clock, and they're doing it with Robinson for 2 reasons...
  • So it actually looks like Robinson was "involved" in this game; give him some junk stats... let him run around and look like he's "leading" this team.
  • IF the Wolverines were somehow lucky enough to break one, Robinson would be the ONLY person able to bust it.
  • So what do they do? They run a power sweep to the left and pick up a big gain of 8.  This was about the worst thing that could have happened.  Why?  Because now Michigan is thinking to ourselves... huh... well that picked up 8 yards... let's see if we can run it to the other side and see what happens.
  • It's 2nd & 2... exactly ONE minute left in the half... Michigan is showing NO signs of urgency whatsoever... the ball isn't snapped until exactly 52 seconds left...and what does Michigan do?  They run the EXACT same play to the opposite side of the field, and OSU's demonstrates it's poor tackling yet once again, as Howard and Bryant sandwich Robinson, but forget to wrap-up.  Denard goes on to do his STUPID "eating" gesture (making me want to punch him right in the face).  Denard = Mike Hart? Un. freaking. believe. able.
  • Michigan now with a 21-17 lead, with 40 seconds left in the half.  OSU GIVING Michigan life...

OSU's 6th drive...

  • OSU runs their own sweep with Miller for a nice gain.
  • OSU trots out K Drew Basil to attempt a 52-yd FG and Meyer, for some odd reason, calls a T.O.  At this point I'm thinking, "Great... Meyer just iced our OWN kicker."  But Basil nails it
  • Entering halftime, OSU is only down 1 (!!!!) after playing "dumb" football - i.e., undisciplined, poor tackling, 6 penalties, extending UM's drives, etc.  Much of UM's offense came from 2 big plays - Devin Gardner's 75 yrd TD pass to Roundtree and Denard Robinson's 67 yard house.  Those 2 plays accounted for more than half of Michigan's total offense!

3rd Quarter
Michigan's 7th drive...

  • 3rd & 3... Buckeye defense comes up BIG and forces Michigan to punt.  But Michigan calls a T.O. and Hoke decides to go for it.
  • Shazier STUFFS Denard as Michigan tries to run Robinson up the middle.

OSU's 7th drive...

  • After getting good field position from the turnover on downs, OSU can't do much with it and has to settle for 3, and retakes the lead 23-21.

Michigan's 8th drive...

  • Michigan's Mike Jones takes a HORRENDOUS cheap shot on Ohrian Johnson on the kick return.  Play is well over for 2-3 seconds and Jones comes flying in out of nowhere and drills Johnson.
  • Gardner hits Galleon on the very next play for a BIG game down field. Roby with the shoestring tackle.
  • Next play... OSU TAKING away as Christian Bryant DRILLS Robinson and the ball comes squirting out.

OSU's 8th drive...

  • Miller pressured, but keeps the play alive and is able to find Stoneburner to move the chains.
  • Miller scrambles on back-to-back plays and keeps the chains moving again.
  • Miller scrambles AGAIN and gets it all the way down to the 3 (!!!!) yard line.
  • OSU decides to get cute on 2nd & 1 from the 3 yard line, and tries to run a screen.  Miller gets drilled on the blitz, and now instead of 1st & Goal from the 3 yard line, it's now 3rd & 7.  Miller taking an unnecessary shot.  RUN THE FREAKING BALL WITH HYDE!
  • High snap... Miller falls on it.  Go from the 3 yrd line to trying for 3 pts.  Basil shanks the kick.  OSU GIVING Michigan life...

Michigan's 9th drive...

  • 3rd & 2... Michigan runs the option right with Denard... OSU runs it down and plays it PERFECT forcing Michigan to punt

OSU's 9th drive...

  • Ohrian Johnson DOES place his hands on the UM player's back, but he does NOT push/extend/do-anything-with it.  Not sure why he even put his hands on the guy if he wasn't going to block.  Johnson is flagged for 15 and, once again, OSU is shooting themselves in the foot yet again.  That had to have been the softest block in the back call I've ever seen.
  • Michigan tackles Hyde out of bounds, yet the refs fail to throw the flag; continuing the suspect calling all game.  Almost certain if that play was towards OSU's sideline instead of Michigan's, it's called.
  • Miller with a BIG run down the OSU sideline.  Cramps up.  Michigan had a couple hands on Miller, but couldn't bring him down.

4th Quarter
[cont. OSU's 9th drive]

  • 2nd & 9 now... the clock is running down... the sideline calls a T.O.  I hate this.  OSU now only has 1 (!!!) T.O. left.
  • Now in 3rd & 9... Miller slips... He's laying on the ground... the ball falls out... Miller nonchalantly reaches his hand out and grabs the ball.  The officials once again miss a call in the favor of OSU and rule that Michigan recovered the ball.  Michigan receiving the BENEFIT of poor officiating.

Michigan's 10th drive...

  • We're into the 4th Quarter now and Robinson has yet to even FAKE like he's going to throw the ball.  There is ZERO chance of Robinson throwing the ball.  Every time he's in, the Buckeye defense should be pinning their ears back now and pressuring him.
  • 3rd & 1 and the Buckeye defense comes up with ANOTHER BIG stop.

OSU's 10th drive...

  • Michigan has now stuffed Hyde a couple times up the middle.
  • 3rd & 8... Miller throws a Bullet to Devin Smith.  Should have been caught, but Smith muffs it.  Buckeyes have to punt the ball away.  With 9:30 remaining, "Worried Meter" is about 65%, as you gotta be thinking Michigan is "due" for a TD drive.

Michigan's 11th drive...

  • The poor officiating continues again as Roby is called for a P.I.  Did Roby grab the jersey?  Yeah, he gave it a little tug.  BUT... Gardner threw the ball into the ground and ball was more uncatchable than it was P.I.  ALSO, what about the illegal hands to the face that the refs missed on Taylow Lewan on the very same place?!  Where was that flag?
  • Hankins bangs Gardner and jars the ball loose.  OSU TAKES the ball away and recovers at the 10 yard line.

OSU's 11th drive...

  • 1st & Goal from the 10... Hyde up the middle for 5... Hyde for another yard... OSU calls a TERRIBLE mis-direction play, and now they have to settle for 3 after having AMAZING field position.  Un. believe. able.
  • 26-21.  Michigan can still take the lead with a touchdown. :-/

Michigan's 12th drive...

  • Gardner throws a pass that SHOULD have been picked by Christian Bryant.  Bryant has had NO hands all season, and he continues to demonstrate such with this drop.  Bryant has played phenomenal all day tho, so a drop can be easily forgiven.
  • 3rd & 10 and Gardner throws a big-time strike to Gallon for the 1st.
  • Gardner rolls to the left, and with some open field ahead of him, he decides to take a shot down field and throws an inaccurate pass.  Again, if Gardner could throw a more accurate deep ball, he could be lethal.
  • With just under 5 min to go, Gardner throws an awful floater that's picked off by CJ Barnett, and that MIGHT just be the game. :-)

OSU's 12th drive...

  • Jeff Heuerman with a horrendous false start.  OSU once again their own worst enemy.
  • High snap.  Hyde astutely snags it out of mid-air and rushes for a 3 yard gain
  • Hyde with a BIG 3rd & 7 run; G Marcus Hall with a very nice kick-out block.
  • Hyde with a 6 yard carry up the middle... starts the "eating" infamously done by Denard... and at this point I'm LOVING EVERY second of it.  That just made my FREAKING day.  THANK YOU EL GUAPO!

Carlos Hyde just INSTANTLY became one of my top 10, maybe top 5 Buckeyes ever.
More "eating" after ANOTHER first down by Hyde :-D
And with that, the Buckeyes have capped off a 12-OH season!
Overall thoughts...

  • My heart goes out to John Simon.  I wish he could have played in his last home game; especially being against Michigan.  Our defensive line did a solid job all game (especially the 2nd half); but Simon would have been wreaking even more havok in the backfield all day.
  • Denard Robinson never saw the field again somewhere around the 12-9 min mark of the 4th Quarter.
  • Per The Ozone...

* Hyde said he imitated Denard Robinson's "eating" motion after that game-clinching first down at the end.
* Hyde said he remembered Denard doing it last year after he scored, "I wanted to show him what it really means to eat."

#LOVEIT http://theozone.net/football/2012/Michigan/postgame/twominutedrill_postg...
Michigan had a hard time stopping Carlos Hyde up the middle.  Here's Hyde's production on carries specifically up the middle...

  • 7, 8, 3 (TD), 0, 4, 4, 15, 3, 11, 12, 4, 4, 3, 1, 1, 1, 5, 1, 3, 15, 6, 5
  • SUM: 116
  • AVG: 5.27
  • That's JUST yards up the MIDDLE!

Important Game Stats:

  • OSU 22 first downs vs. UM's 13
  • OSU 74 plays vs. UM's 51
  • OSU nearly 400 TOTAL yards vs UM's 279
  • Penalties: OSU had 9 (!!!) for almost 75 yards.
  • Time of Possession:  OSU almost 37 min vs UM's 23
  • OSU TOOK the ball away 4 times; UM had 2 turnovers, but they were really OSU give-a-ways.

Watching the game Live... I was worried much of the game... felt like we were losing / endanger of losing The Game... but the reality is... OSU really dominated that Game.  The only team that really stopped Ohio State was OSU.  The score really doesn't reflect the tape.
Reports are coming in that Brady Hoke left the field with 7 minutes remaining.  He DID return, but nothing has surfaced as to why he left The Game.  Interesting nonetheless.  Joe Paterno?
Once again... Brady Hoke exhibits class as he runs off the field without shaking Meyer's hand after the loss...


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