Five Penn State Observations

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October 29, 2012 at 2:23 pm

1.  Defense.  I was more impressed with the defense than I have been all year.  Holding the PSU offense to 16 points is probably better than most expected - and if you consider that the defense held the Purdue offense to 15 points last week - I'd like to think we're trending upward on that side of the ball. 
2.  Ryan Shazier.  Kids' on fire!  In back to back plays he records a sack, then a pick six.  Seems we heard his name called often during the game.  Still think he has the potential to be one of the greats at linebacker for OSU.
3.  Handling the pressure.  Thought this team responded well to the 12th man at Beaver Stadium.  The noise obviously was a factor for them early on, but as the Buckeyes dismantled PSU in machine-like fashion in the third quarter - they showed some mental toughness in a tough environment to play in.  This season is starting to remind me of 2002 a little - minus the fun post season aspirations unfortunately.
4.  Passing game.  Still a work in progress - but what a beautiful pass/catch from Miller to Stoneburner.  It appears to me at this point that Miller might be slightly more accurate in his passing when he is on the run.  Several times Miller had a clean pocket and feet set - then inexplicably over threw/threw behind some receivers - some who were wide open.  When Braxton runs however - is there a QB better in college football than him?
5. Rod Smith.  I know he only had four carries - but they netted something like 48 yards.  He reminds me of a young Eddie George when he runs.  I think this kid has a very bright future at OSU.

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