Duron Carter - The Plot Thickens

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December 21, 2010 at 1:40 am

Apparently people have been bothering Duron on FaceBook for information about his plans regarding Ohio State.

I just noticed a juicy morsel in my news feed from Duron:

"People stop asking me questions about O state.... ask them..."

Before he was dominating the nation at Coffeyville (TerreLOL!) he was making waves at OSU as a crushing blocker with sticky hands, poised to make a jump in playing time. There are plenty of fans that would love to see him back in the scarlet and grey.

Perhaps I'm reading more in to this than I should, but his statement seems to indicate that Duron is waiting on OSU before he makes a move. I would assume there is still a scholarship available for him if he wanted to commit, so this makes me wonder if there are still academic issues involved.

Anyone care to offer alternate conjectures?

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