The Herbstreit Move

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March 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm

I admittedly have no idea where a post like this goes, but I didn't want to hijack a basketball thread for a separate topic...and needed to vent.

My buddy writes for WFNY and they just posted this (from the Dipatch) -

This bothers me more than the Tressel situation. I've lived in Cleveland all my life outside of the 2yrs I lived in Columbus and Herbstreit is the Bernie Kosar to Cleveland. Hands down. I know everyone knows that or had drawn that comparison, but while I appreciate and love our passionate fans, they can be too much sometimes. I understand that that Columbus doesn't have pro teams and I understand that OSU football is a religion much like it is in Texas, but this is too much. Collectively, we drove one of OSU's greatest hero's out of his own flipping city. Yes, he helped create this mentality and embraced it, but this is now a national embarrassment. When this hits the national media, on top of this Tressel stuff, OSU will be one of the biggest mockery's out there. And to know that we as fans helped create this is absolutely disgusting.

We can all step back and say we weren't a part, and we may not have been individually. We may also not have been sending Herbie emails questioning his loyalty, but collectively, the voice of THE Ohio State fanbase has driven out a guy that we respected, loved, and always pointed to as someone who is a great figure-head of tOSU.

This may be over the top - but in my eyes it isn't. It's one thing to question his loyalty and roots, but it's entirely another situation when he is pushed out of his own hometown by the exact fanbase that heaved him on the pedestal.

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