Thanks, ESPN

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August 18, 2011 at 8:28 pm

For the longest time ESPN had many people (including myself) believing that they were the premier place for sports news, updates and scandals. They had some witty announcers/analysts with catch phrases and seemed to be a great media source that provided everything you needed about sports in a relatively unbiased approach. I honestly would turn on the TV and immediately flip to ESPN to see what I've missed and watch the same segments over and over.

About 5yrs ago, after Ohio State demolished Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, I noticed the tide slowly starting to turn. It may have happened before this and I just hadn't noticed, but they seemed to make excuses for Notre Dame and leave out any praises for what the team had done. It bothered me a bit and I started to notice other pieces of it in their "journalism" and slowly started disliking what they produced. That dislike turned into extreme hatred after OSU was embarrassed by Florida and were made to appear as if they never belonged on the field after they were the ones to tout the lopsided matchup. I really didn't think I could hate Pat Forde anymore than I did reading that article until I read the one after the LSU game. I understand that most of the nation hates OSU and I even understand why, but for a writer to publish articles like that is just asinine. It was like a drunken teenager wrote it. Now, I try not to click on any ESPN links and avoid watching anything they televise outside of actual games. And despite the fact that I despise them so much it's not even healthy, I admit that I'm drawn to them sometimes out of curiosity and just to get me fired up.

Now, like all of you, we're watching them absolutely torch the program with never-ending speculation and "reporting" about Tat-gate. All of the sudden selling memorabilia and getting tats for autographs is just short of genocide. Yes, it was wrong and yes it happens at every school but just like they made Tiger Woods appear to be the only man ever to cheat on his wife, they blew this up into something it wasn't. Along with that, they couldn't wait to write pieces on how much evil Tressel has hidden from the rest of the world and that he's in the same class as the uni-bomber. It's unreal. Not only did this spew this nonsense, they actually got some brainless followers to believe and regurgitate it with consistency. Then, in the midst of what we all saw coming in college football, reports come out about Colt McCoy's wife sharing the shadiness at Texas and it's somehow a flash in the news and swept under the rug. Forget the investigation, where was this article even speculating about it?!

To top it off, this Hurricanes situation; It is absolutely baffling to me how Miami has been given the benefit of the doubt on all of this considering the amount of evidence and detail surrounding it. Somehow this entire documented circus is littered with "allegedly" and "potential" and "yet to be proven" while the OSU scandal was a sure thing from the start with no possible outs. They reported EVERY rumor as fact and had it at the top of their page or bottom line even after it had been disproven. While this Miami stuff has been swirling, you literally had to dig to find it, but sure enough Pryor's eligibility because of other violations was front and center. 

So thanks, ESPN -  you've shown the rest of the world that has half a brain just what a joke you are for a sports source and are hemorrhaging credibility with every article or show you create. You're TMZ that happens to talk about sports sometimes; you create and dispel the same rumors to generate ratings but people are getting wise to your ways. Suspending Bruce Feldman and sending the sports world into an uproar was the best thing you could have done to show your true colors and following that up with the Longhorn's network was a great cherry on top. You're an absolute joke of a network and people outside of Buckeye Nation are now realizing this quickly. You may be a monster in the sports world but I cannot wait for the day the wind shifts and networks expose you for what you really are.

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