Lots of Mommy Juice (Beer)

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August 3, 2012 at 11:18 am

As some of you may remember from reading "Letting it out," which was my last blog, that I am an Ohio State fan while my husband cheers for West Virginia.  You may also remember, or not, that I was planning a BIG get together for the first game on September 1st:

I really can't wait for vegetable soup. Beer. Chili. Brats. Artichoke Dip. More beer. Chips and dips. Cornhole with friends.

I really couldn't wait to get my Ohio State loving fans in our house to cheer for the only team that matters, tOSU to be clear.  I didn't care about when West Virginia's first game would be and it didn't matter:

And I have no idea if WVU plays that first Saturday, the party I am planning is about OSU.  Sorry honey, this is not about you and your Let's Go Mountaineers cheer.

It would just so happen that West Virginia plays on September 1st as well.  At noon.  Ok, this wasn't a problem.  I could still have my party and he will watch his game in our bedroom.  Right?  Wrong.  We now have game tickets, which will require we travel not to Columbus, but MORGANTOWN.  I should have known that informing my husband of my blog and having him read it would have been a mistake.  He keeps pointing out:

I did drag him last season to our first ever OSU game and he loved the atmosphere in Columbus.  I got him to commit blasphemy by wearing not only an OSU shirt, but a baseball cap as well.

Oh yes, maybe I should have left that part out of my blog.  Now he expects me to wear gold and blue, which to me is way to much like maize and blue.  Ugh!  How the hell did this happen?  He swears he didn't do it on purpose, the tickets were given to him and he wasn't going to pass up the chance to go watch the Friends of Coal game.  Ok, ok I get it.  But why do the colors have to be so similar to that team up north?  Damn those Mountaineers anyway.
So because my husband wore an Ohio State hat, shirt and even a buckeye necklace, albeit long enough for me to take a picture, I am obligated to do the same for him?  He too should know just how much I love him, because this will not be easy for me.  I will be wearing a Block O temporary tattoo under my shirt, to show myself that I have not completely given in.  I will be checking with my handy dandy cell phone to get updates on THE game of the day.  And since I can not rely on ESPN to give me anything worthy, I will be depending on all of you - either on Facebook or Twitter - to keep me in the Buckeye loop.  PLEASE don't let me down! 
Is there a silver lining to having to go to Morgantown?  There just might be.  The company that I work for has a huge tailgate party, fully supplied with food and mommy juice.  Free all I can drink mommy juice?  And free food?  Ok, this is sounding less painful.  I do like to eat and drink, it is a couple of my favorite activities.  Did I mention they now serve mommy juice inside Milan Puskar Stadium?  Winner!! Now, my coworkers which reside all over the state of West Virginia, know that I only wear Scarlet and Grey.  That I chant OH-IO and not Let's Go Mountaineers.  I have already been informed that I am not allowed to wear anything to do with Ohio State.  In fact, I was told that I wouldn't even make it to the tailgate without being beat up and/or being arrested for inciting a riot.  Really?  Again, there is that hatred I have come to know,  expect and not understand.  Does it matter what I wear as long as I am cheering your team onto victory?  It's not like I will be wearing a Thundering Herd shirt, geez.  Don't get your panties in a bunch fellas.
Come hell or high water, I will have my party September 8th. 

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