We are witnessing the real value of our rock star coach! Enjoy it!

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October 23, 2013 at 10:52 am

So we all knew last year we were going to be young and inexperienced on Defense this year. Losing some folks to injuries and a few suspensions created even more inexperience. 
now seven games into the season the D is starting to pull things together (#15 in the country) yet it looks like we are playing not to lose and not necessarily to dominate. That makes sense given the youthful D. I equate it to the 2009 season the Buckeyes lost twice. In the Purdue loss TP was 17-31, 1 TD, two interceptions and a QBR 14.4. What does TP have to do with this years team? Well I would argue the inexperience and forced throws caused us the game at Purdue. The Boilermakers game plan was to stop our run and force TP to beat them. Their plan worked to a T as we had only 66 yards rushing on the day TP was forced to throw. The same thing holds true here. If we don't want our inexperienced D to cost us a game we would probably play a style to put us in the best position to win and not to lose. 
And that is the beauty of Urban Meyer. He is playing the risk/reward game with this team, managing to the talent on the field and realizes with our Offense we can beat inferior opponents this year. He is unwilling to risk a game or two to play overly aggressive if he doesn't have to. Many blame the D coaches for this passive style of D, I argue Urban knows exactly what he is doing on his way to 25-0, a chance to get into the NC game and no less than the Rose Bowl. When we are in a situation where our D is going to have to play different schemes (like our offense did against Oregon in 2010 Rose Bowl) our D will have much more experience and we can take the risk at that time. 
Love the strategy and the experience Urban brings, understanding exactly what he is working with, managing the risk/reward and will have the Buckeyes in line for the NC game or Rose Bowl. Rock Star!!!

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