Does Twitter have italics? It would have made it all better!!

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October 25, 2012 at 2:56 pm

I wish some of you would die so I could read the comments section again.
Of course I don't mean this and it really has nothing to do with being "PC" IMO.
 Maybe it's because I'm "old" or "out of touch" but I don't understand when it became so ok to act entitled to do or say what you want and feel that there should be no repercussions. (I obviously don't use Twitter either).
 I don't agree that Torg should have been fired but to laugh it off as "just a joke" baffles me. Would someone please help me understand the good that comes from saying or typing intentionally inappropriate things as opposed to just not doing it.
 If even a poor excuse at humor such as "I wish Brady the Hut would eat Desmond Howard so I could watch Game Day again" was tweeted then I could better understand the "joke" defense. Just because someone laughs doesn't make it a joke. I still laugh at farts. Is my @$$hole a comedian? (Um... rhetorical).
 I realize that in today's overly sensitive society almost anything is bound to hurt someone's feelings and of course that is just silly. It happens daily on this wonderful website and we share a common love of tOSU. At the same time though, I'd like to think that all of us would have not taken kindly to someone wishing death on anyone we cared about.
 FWIW, I'm a RL smartass that at times is cynical and sarcastic to a fault. It's really easy to be a douche sometimes but I make a concerted effort to try to respect the feelings and opinions of all who post here and try to be a courteous, civil, contributor as well. I guess I have a hard time justifying blaming others for my actions. Unless of course anyone is offended by this post. In that case..
I am just joking!

Now let's get on to more important things to bicker about.
Like how many points we beat PSU by this week!


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