Swagger In, Stumble Out – A Miami Preview

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September 10, 2010 at 2:05 pm
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More shameless self promotion.  (Linked to www.buckeyecommentary.com).

Miami fans think OhioStatestole their title thanks to a bogus PI by a renegade referee.  OhioStatefans, on the other hand, have had their hands full cheering for their team on the way to other National Championship appearances and BCSbowl wins.  Will this game finally give Miami fans closure? Will the Buckeyes go 3-1 in the all time series versus ‘Da U’?

Miami Fans: Which call would you prefer to lose on: 1) defensive holding on a Chris Gamble incompletion and thus a first down, 2) a reception for a first down by Chris Gamble which was incorrectly called incomplete, 3) defensive holding against Chris Gamble on the same play as the infamous pass interference, or 4) the pass interference itself?

You don’t need ESPN to tell you that the 2001 and 2002 Hurricanes were among the top 10 teams of the BCSera.  But they will.  Then a funny thing happened to Miami: They became irrelevant. 

A turnover might not hurt against middling ACC opponents, but there are few teams that are better at capitalizing on mistakes than the Buckeyes.  Not only has OhioStatebeen close to the top in turnover margin, the Buckeye offense also performs best when coming off of a turnover. 

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