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Swagger In, Stumble Out – A Miami Preview

More shameless self promotion.  (Linked to www.buckeyecommentary.com). Miami fans think OhioStatestole their title thanks to a bogus PI by a renegade referee.  OhioStatefans, on the other hand, have had their hands full cheering for their team on the way to other National Champi...
10 Sep 2010
by Poe McKnoe

They are Marshall - A Preview

Ohio State - Marshall Season Opener Preview is up at Buckeye Commentary (Click here to continue) On Thursday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes will embark on the journey that is the 2010 season.  The Buckeyes take on Marshallout of Conference USA, a team most remembered for a plane crash, a...
01 Sep 2010
by Poe McKnoe