Met the James Laurinaitis yesterday

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July 4, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Thought I would just share this awesome experience I had yesterday with all of you! Being 21 and going into my senior year of college, I spent my high school years cheering my head off for this guy, and I am sure we can all agree he was and still is a beast. Anyways, I was working at dicks sporting goods when i see a great looming girl walk in, followed by some huge dude. And of course that huge dude turned out to be James. He was extremely nice! I went up and asked a few questions regarding the rams and buckeye football. He mentioned how he had been around the team recently bc he works out at the whac. He just said he doesnt lift with the team bc they do so at 6 in the morning, a little too early for him. He also mentioned how he is going to purdue soon to visit marcus freeman. I had to ask him about coach tress, and he said he does talk to him and has been trying to set up a time to meet up with him. However, their schedules have too many conflicts right now where they havent been able to find time. Overall, meeting him was a really cool experienced made better bc of how open he was to answer my questions and talk for a cple minutes

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