Why I love 11W

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February 2, 2012 at 4:15 pm

I've been reading 11w since about september of this year, and I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate this site. The content is unrivaled, from game coverage, previews, recruiting (alex and jeremy are killing it these past few weeks!), and all sorts of other things. But I think the biggest advantage that this site has over other news outlets (namely ESPN) is the civility of the readers (which i think is a reflection of the tone set by the staff at 11w) and commentors. I just got done reading (and getting into a couple troll fights haha) the comments section of some espn article about osu (can't even remember what the article was about) and I have decided that the dregs of society, the absolute low, is the people who comment on these articles (not all, just some, but they are extremely vocal). Sure, there are disagreements here, although not as often seeing that all of us are buckeye fans, but I have never seen an argument. I've always seen it as a very healthy debate, with everyone showing their due respect, and not making things personal. so yea, this post is fairly pointless, but after reading the comments on espn, I almost lost faith in the internet. you all keep me sane, and remind me that there are some people out there on the interwebs with a soul. peace out everyone

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