Why doesn't the SEC et al. not want on campus playoffs?

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April 24, 2012 at 2:34 pm


In this article, it seems as if the SEC is against on-campus playoff games. Is there any reason that I'm missing that this is the case? It's not like the SEC has any less of a home field advantage than we do, truthfully I see absolutely no reason not to have on campus semifinal games.

The only thing I could see is that the bowl sites could pay enough money to the NCAA to make it worth their while to maintain the current system. Or perhaps that the SEC acknowledges that they already have somewhat of an advantage in every BCS venue (except the Rose bowl), and don't want to cede any extra advantage to the B1G and others. 

Also, don't take this as me attacking the SEC, there are certainly other conferences holding this movement back as well, but the SEC and the B1G seem to be at odds in every aspect of the playoff debate. 

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