Love Me Some Archie!

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November 2, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Watching Archie on the Purdue telecast live. Archie is always such a class act! For about an hour and a half BTN has been advertising it and  the typical highlights are there: Michigan got hosed, if Franklin didn't get injured.......Etc. Etc.
When they ask Archie about it he is a true pro as is expected. Applauds Michigan and agreed he thought they'd be selected as Ohio State last handily to USC the year before in the Rose Bowl. Then comes absolute gold from arguably the greatest Buckeye of them all:
"Don't forget the game ended in a tie! Michigan acts like they won the game but they didn't beat us. It was a tie. The game was also played in Michigan so we tied them with the home field advantage they had!" We got to go and we beat USC!"
and that folks is how you represent your Alma Mater. Archie could've easily appeased the BTN  and played along to hype the program like a certain former player has been known to do from time to time. However Archie eloquently Puts things into perspective with pride and honor. Anywho I wanted to put this little piece of Buckeye pride out there for all of us eleven warriors out there worried about National Perception and lack of respect for our Buckeyes. Urban has the team focused and Archie will always have Buckeye Nation's Back! Thanks again Archie!!!!
I Love me Some Archie!!!!!!!

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