Hoke...All you can eat buffet slayer

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November 24, 2013 at 3:16 pm

A M@chigan friends post recentlly:
This is the WORST display of UM football I have ever seen. sadly, OSU got the great coaching, we DID NOT! What the heck is this "execute" word he throws around after getting killed two weeks in a row. Hoke is a joke. PUT A HEADSET ON. TALK TO YOUR TEAM. Borgess is a joke. Worst play calling in history. Even Spielman was laughing at you for not picking up those blitz packages. 7 TIMES! It's not even MAC football. The BIG HOUSE is booing! Its coming apart at the seams. This season is an embarrassment, let the kids play, and get a new coach and OC. I'm sick of watching Devin "try not to get intercepted, so he gets sacked, and I'm sick of watching Fitz get 0 yards. Thats the best we can put on the field, really?
I replied with this jem and he told me that this is what it has come to at TSUN: 
Hoke sat down with M@ichigan's AD on the Sunday after the Nebraska loss to discuss their bowl chances. The AD said if they don't win anymore games they will be going to the Little Caesar Pizza Bowl. Hoke wiped the saliva from his chin with his bib and replied in a giddy tone "Don't worry I'll have the team Hot n' Ready." The AD then said if they can pull out one more win that they might go to the Texas Bowl. Once again Hoke wiped the saliva from his chin with his bib and replied "I hear they have good BBQ in Texas". It then hit Hoke that there was no chance of them going to the Buffalo Wild Wings, Gator, or Outback Bowls so he went to Ryan's all you can eat buffet and drowned his sorrows in a bowl of brown gravy.

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