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November 25, 2010 at 9:55 am


Since there is a 125 word count minimum for a blog, I will have to fill in some dead space. Dang. I still need a few more words. Oh, there they are.


Top 10 Things Tougher Than Michigan's Defense

10. 1 ply toilet paper.

9.  A stuffed bunny, armed only with hugs and kisses.

8. Sneaking into Arizona.

7. Getting tickets to remaining Bengals games.

6. Trying to find a buyer in the Middle East for your left-over uranium.

5. Being a farmer from Iowa and having to choose between growing coffee or corn.

4. Finding a way to spend $100 cash at a strip club.

3. Coloring within the lines.

2. Determining if Sarah Palin knows more about guns or advanced economic theory.

1. Finding an unemployed Michigan grad.

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