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Week One Predictions

John stared down at his coffee. It was a simple black brew, made for the simple taste of a simple man. John picked up his cup, took a swig and let the hot beverage work its wonders on his tiredness.                 “Stay...
29 Aug 2017
by painterlad

Perception vs reality

Ohio State doesn’t play anyone. Kentucky would win the Big Ten most years*. The Big Ten is slightly above the MAC and well below the ACC. These are the new mantras of the sports media outlets. Many writers and/or voters are dropping Ohio State from the title game not based upon losing (they ...
15 Nov 2013
by painterlad

Why I am angry with Lance Armstrong

In the Pixar movie The Incredibles, a beaten down Bob Parr (aka, Mr. Incredible) comes home and accidently damages his car. In a fit of anger he lifts the entire car above his head as if to throw the vehicle across town. When he looks down he sees a little boy on his tricycle watching the entire eve...
15 Jan 2013
by painterlad

The new narrative about the BIG and the SEC.

It seems that, once again, the SEC’s self image has taken a front seat with the talking heads at ESPN and As we all know, Bret Bielema has left the job at Wisconsin for the head coaching job at Arkansas. Good for him, good for the BIG and good for third-place divisional teams everywher...
05 Dec 2012
by painterlad


TOP TEN REASONS WHY ARKANSAS HIRED BRETT BIELEMA Sorry. I had to write all of this extra stuff to fit the 200 word count minimum. I'm not sure how much longer I have to write meaningless words. It is December 4, 2012 and Michigan still sucks. Dang, next time I will learn to add extra words to m...
04 Dec 2012
by painterlad

Michigan and the Ten Year Butt Hurt

Michigan fans, it would seem, are obsessed. Under normal circumstances they obsess with things such as wide-spread crime, nasty weather and if anyone really cares about that antiquated first cousin rule. But during the first decade of the brand new century Michigan fans quit paying attention to unio...
20 Nov 2012
by painterlad

The Battle of the Bulge and OSU

My father was a proud member of the 7th Armored Division during WWII. At first he was a gunner on a half-track, but by the time they were assigned to the Netherlands he had been moved to a unit known as G2. G2 was a branch of military intelligence (my dad swore that was the greatest oxymoron ever in...
18 Nov 2012
by painterlad

Why we hate sports scandals

A few years ago, USC was hit with major penalties for improper benefits. Within, the last 12 months, Ohio State, North Carolina, LSU, Texas, Boise St., Auburn, Miami and Oregon have all come under that watchful eye of the NCAA.  It has been a lousy year for college football. And now t...
11 Nov 2011
by painterlad

Top 10 Michigan blog.

  Since there is a 125 word count minimum for a blog, I will have to fill in some dead space. Dang. I still need a few more words. Oh, there they are.   Top 10 Things Tougher Than Michigan's Defense 10. 1 ply toilet paper. 9.  A stuffed bunny, armed only wit...
25 Nov 2010
by painterlad

For a single point.

  I honestly can’t remember an age in my life when football wasn’t a factor. I have been playing it since I could run and hold onto a football, and I was watching it when I had no idea what holding or off-sides meant. But every year, as the season got older and the weather go...
24 Nov 2010
by painterlad

Eight years of hate.

Raul sat quietly in the dark, his only companions being a half empty bottle of cheap rum and lingering hate. The rum was his childhood friend from Cuba and the hatred was an eight year-old being that came in the form of late flags and silver helmets. “I hate Ohio State,” he ...
07 Sep 2010
by painterlad

We'll get ' week??

At the risk of sounding like Debbie Downer...'s official. The Game is dead. Oh, it will still be played every year, and thanks to the eight gazillion emails and phone calls from angry sports fans, it will still be played the final week of the regular  Big Ten season, b...
01 Sep 2010
by painterlad