2013: The WR Rotation

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May 19, 2013 at 2:52 pm

I know its been dead lately around here so I wanted to find something new to discuss to make the 3 months 11 days and 21 hours go by faster til kickoff. I found myself replying to some ones thread about Dontre Wilson and it got me thinking about our WR rotation next year with the starters and guys in the rotation. Last year it didn't seem like Meyer felt comfortable enough rotating a lot of guys at WR and even moved Stoneburner out there which I do believe hurt his draft stock a little. Although he did not catch a lot of passes out there Jake did a good job blocking for our run game. Anyways enough of last year on to this year.
As of now I see 2 WR who have earned a starting position that they have for the year unless they get hurt or mess up real bad: Corey Brown & Devin Smith. Meyer said Chris Fields earned a starting spot 1st game as well and I was happy to see him have a breakout spring game because he had shown us so many flashes in the past. I also seeing Hall getting the initial first look at the pivot roll over incoming guys like Wilson and Marshall early in the season. I'm hoping we'll have enough play maker talent that Meyer is comfortable with to rotate 6-8 guys to keep our offensive play makers fresh to stretch the defense. I hope eventually our offense is so deep with speed that we can have one burner after another rotating in and become an opposing teams DBs nightmare. This is definitely going to happen in the future but were not quite there yet. I think initially the 1st game the 4 guys we see mainly working with the starting Offense are C. Brown, D. Smith, Hall, Fields. I see guys like E. Spencer, C. Smith, M Thomas, Marshall, Wilson, Clark, maybe even Conley and Lee battling for second team looks. Unfortunately as much as I like the kid I think Epitropoulos is on the outside looking in, but hopefully he proves me wrong.
I wanna see Philly and Smith break more tackles and make more plays as they have another year under their belt. Hall needs to play well cuz he has some youngsters behind him hungry for playing time. I'm hoping Spencer and Thomas are more consistent this year earn more of Meyers trust to get consistent PT and make plays. Smith is a guy with some JuCo experience who is going to come in and push for a spot immediately in the rotation. Then there's the incoming freshman we've all been looking forward to. The first obstacle they have to overcome is getting the black stripe removed then I see these guys battling for kick returning and special teams spots initially. I truly believe most of these guys will need a year to learn the offense. It seemed like it took our veterans all of 2012 spring and half of the season before it finally clicked for them. However, I do see them getting a handful of touches possibly when were up big and if one of them breaks off a big play I think we'll see them in the rotation more. So initially for next season heres how I see everyone sitting
Starters no questions asked: Corey Brown & Devin Smith
Potential Starters/ Frequent Rotators: C Fields, Hall, Spencer
Close but not there yet: C. Smith & M. Thomas
Young got some work to do but potential looks good: Marshall, Wilson, Clark, Conley, Lee
Outside looking in: Epitropoulos
I'm hoping guys in the 2 deep step up and start making plays consistently so we can be one of the deepest offenses in the nation. Go Bucks!

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