A Moment of Silence for TBDBITL

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December 9, 2013 at 1:02 pm

There could not be a worse BCS bowl draw for The Best Damn Band in the Land than the Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl traditionally does not permit college marching bands to perform at halftime, instead opting for a Super Bowl style performance which will feature country singer Dierks Bentley this year. I have never understood this, considering that college marching bands are such a huge part of the pageantry of college football. Usually BCS bowls, or bowl games in general really, are a great opportunity for universities to showcase their bands, and those two to three minutes of halftime coverage provided are coveted by schools and band members alike. These kids work extremely hard all year long and those couple minutes of national exposure are certainly warranted. 
The sad thing is that TBDBITL has never had a bigger year. They've had three halftime shows go viral, have gotten all kinds of media exposure and praise. The world outside of our OSU bubble finally realizes just how good they are. It doesn't seem fitting whatsoever that the best marching band in the country, after a such phenomenal year, has to end their season sitting in the stands during halftime. The band will travel to the game and they do get (I've heard) four minutes of pregame performance time, but that's barely enough time for a double Script. Definitely not an ideal situation.
It's just such a shame for these kids, and it's a shame that the Orange Bowl doesn't recognize the fact that they are benching TBDBITL and depriving a lot of students and fans an amazing opportunity year in and year out.
So, moment of silence, commence.

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