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July 14, 2014 at 1:21 pm

Sometimes I'm guilty of watching an Ohio State/San Diego St-type game and sweating through every second and before long, the game is over.  I get to breathe a deep sign of relief and look forward to next week's struggle.  Week after week this same scene is repeated until the end of the year and the LONG (re: eternal) off-season.  

As I'm grinding out another football-less month and yearning for that Navy game, it's beginning to hit me that I might be sweating away the greatness that is the talent of Braxton Miller.  It wasn't too many years ago I did the same thing with a now Buckeye legend, Troy Smith  It was easy for me to look past each game, each quarter, each SNAP where #10 made the impossible look sublime.  Then, like a vapor, he was gone.  He lives on in YouTube clips that show such accuracy and leadership it's kind of like a dream.  Was that real life?  Did that actually happen?  How did it go by so fast?

So now I sit and ponder the same with #5.  This is going to be the last handful of snaps we watch from this uniquely gifted talent.  I will be making it my mission to soak in every second.  Yes, I will still sweat out that inevitable 3rd and 5, but my commitment to myself is to appreciate every time #5 touches the ball and I would encourage you to do the same.  The reality is we're not just watching any normal player, we're watching greatness.


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