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December 1, 2013 at 5:46 pm

Hey Buckeye fans, I know this has been talked about a few times on here but I wanted to throw in my two cents and maybe calm down some people.

As the subject states, follow the money.....ESPN will not, I repeat will not push or advocate for the BIG. Media; whether in politics and/or sports are huge players in guiding opinion amongst the mass. It's a long read but stay with me:

1. They are on the verge of starting a conference network (notice the promo's state "ESPN "SEC" Network." as opposedto "SEC Network." Promote product and that equals 101

2. Don't think that the SEC network idea is takes years to put something like that together; how long has ESPN been pimping the SEC? About 5 years.

3. They are nervous from a business standpoint...there is another "big boy" on the block named FOX1. FOX sports is also adding a second sports channel like the deuce early next year; remember how ESPN did it?

4. FOX1 has the money and power to challenge them. BTN is 50% owned by FOX sports and they have the PAC12 contract. Notice the channel where the BIG Championship will play.

5. Secondly, and I might be mistaken but I believe the BIG contract is up next year and both the BIG and PAC12 will sign with FOX sports and possibly NBC Sports for secondary games leaving out ESPN. ESPN can pay but so can FOX sports.

6. Everyone is smashing their teeth over the ESPN coverage but on FOX1 last night, Eddie and the other guy broke down why OSU is number two and factually explained that the SEC AND BIG out of conference record against ranked teams is 1-4 this year. Stated that in previous years, the SEC has been better but they are not this year and talked about OSU's 24-0 record. They also stated that beating your revival is not easy; look at Alabama.

So here's my point, its all about money guys...ESPN is in bed with that conference and no matter what we say or do, its not going to change. Here's what will change over the next year; the narrative will have a partner to dance with and the BCS is won't be the best system but you'll have to beat two very good teams to be champion.

FOX sports is no NBC or CBS sports; they are in it for the long run....they have NHL, some NFL, soccer and cage fighting and will have two of the biggest College football conferences by next year.

Sorry for the long message but what are your thoughts?

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