2012 Season: Retrospective

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August 30, 2013 at 8:03 pm
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I don’t contribute much to the site (I’ve been a lurker for several years before joining), but on the eve of the 2013 season, I thought I’d share my experience with the 2012 season. Without a doubt, it was the craziest season of my life, as I found out I was going to be a father and got married all over the course of those 13 weeks. We had a party at my house on the day we throttled Miami, both to welcome the start of football season as well as my girlfriend moving in with me a few weeks before. The day after that first game we found out we were pregnant. This came as a surprise, as the doctors said she would need fertility treatment to conceive and I had consumed so much Mountain Dew as a college student I thought I was sterile. Pregnancy wasn’t an issue (family-wise) as we had been dating for 10 years, it just meant we needed to get married in a hurry. So I bought the ring she wanted, proposed to her in a way she didn’t see coming (in my Jeep of all places, long story), made the announcements, all that.
Over the course of the next weeks as the team kept winning games, we got closer to the date. I wanted it to be November 10, as it is the day before my birthday (so I’d never forget our anniversary) but more importantly it was the bye week. But we had to get married in this one church only available on this one day. Alas, I had to be that guy and have my wedding on the Saturday when we played Wisconsin. On that day, I was completely oblivious to the game until after the ceremony during pictures I suddenly remembered. On the ride to the reception, my new wife passed out while I “watched” the game on ESPN’s horrible Gamecast, shitting bricks the entire time because we all remember how that game went. Standing in the hotel lobby receiving guests, I was surreptitiously watching the game on my phone, as Wisconsin marched down the field, the game closer and closer to ending. Seeing Wisconsin on the 1 yard line, waiting for them to tie it up and Montee Ball break the record. Then The Fumble happened. Then it went into overtime. We were taking wedding pictures. The photographer said I looked nervous and told me to stand off to the side while he took pictures of just my wife. I looked at my phone again. We had finally won.
The following Saturday, as I watched Hyde smash through scUM’s defense on his way to securing a first down for the win, and Miller take a knee to end The Game, it was the perfect end to what to me will always be an unforgettable season, not only because we went undefeated, but because from the start to (almost) finish, my life changed forever. I married to woman I’ve loved since high school. We have beautiful little girl now. So here’s hoping this season is just as awesome, but maybe not as crazy.
Go Bucks

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