In Defense of Kirk Herbstreit

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August 24, 2013 at 1:35 pm

     Of all the bias that seems to come out of ESPN against Ohio State, I have to say I don't hear it from Herbie.  I hear criticism from him, but that is his job as a college football analyst.  The fact that he was supposedly pushed out of Columbus by rabid fans is laughable and downright embarrassing for our fan base.  Is it true?  Who really knows, I've read conflicting reports.  What I do know is I have been on the Gameday set numerous times with our fan base screaming "F--- you Desmond" on national television.  On two occasions, Herbie got up when they were on commercial break to try to talk sense into those by saying things such as "I hate Michigan too, but we are The Ohio State University, and we are better than this." 
     People who think one of the best college analysts in the game today should only talk positively about his alma mater need to understand that while the truth hurts, it is truth.  Herbie was supposedly hushed during the '03 title game because he was so delighted in the outcome.  Herbie talks about parts of Pryor's game and the team's ability that need to be improved to compete with the best, and suddenly he's a "Fake Buckeye"?  I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but the person who called Herbie a "Fake Buckeye" is the same person who committed to "The University of Ohio State" and exchanged possessions of his TEAM's success for personal gain.  That's not what Ohio State is supposed to be about.  The Buckeyes are tradition, fighting for the person next to you because of the sacrifices of those before us who gave us that tradition.  Herbie has been a proud Buckeye since before he played for them.  Why does he get roasted by our fan base because he has an opinion on how they need to improve, when every other day someone wearing a jersey, who never stepped foot on the field, was calling for Tressel's head because his offense was too conservative?  Why is it okay for Meyer to call our boys a clown show?  They are our team aren't they?  It must be because he is a Buckeye. . . So is Herbstreit... and just like you and I, he loves his team.  But unlike you and I, if he constantly hammers home that tOSU is the greatest, he loses his legitimacy with the national fan bases, in turn potentially losing his job.  Cut the guy some slack and accept the fact that maybe there are some things that we, as Monday morning quarterbacks, might not quite get because we are blinded by our love for this team. 
P.S. - The overwhelming majority of us have never stepped foot on a field at the level of these kids.  Herbie has, therefore his opinion holds more weight in terms of "getting it".
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