PSU Home Advantage is Overrated

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October 25, 2012 at 4:28 pm

It’s funny to me that PSU fans always look back to the 2005 OSU game to cite their great home advantage. No doubt the stadium had something to do with that win, but (though it’s hard to believe) that was SEVEN years ago. In the OSU games @ Happy Valley since then, Tod Boeckman had a career day and Terrelle Pryor got revenge for the loss in Columbus. Also to put those 7 years in perspective, in 2005 Braxton Miller was in 7th grade.
I’m not feeling overly confident about a win this weekend, but it will have more to do with the teams on the field than the fans in the stands.
Since PSU fans always go back to the atmosphere of a game 7 years ago, I began to wonder how they've done at home in big games since then. Here's a slice:
Looking back at recent years, here’s the results of big home games for PSU:
Alabama wins 27-11
Nebraska wins 17-14
MSU wins 28-22
Iowa wins 27-10
OSU wins 24-7
PSU beats Illinois 38-24
PSU beats MSU 49-18
OSU wins 37-17
Ater going through these, PSU’s home field advantage seems to be one of the most overrated environments in college football.
(I'll save you the Google search. You can see their past schedules here.)

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