Have Your Expectations Changed?

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October 2, 2012 at 10:20 am

With Ohio State out to a 5-0 start (though with less than impressive performances in some instances), have your expectations changed for this season and next?  Do you believe Ohio State is a top-10 team this season, and do you think they should rightfully get talk of being potential BCS championship contenders next year?  Or, because the offense has come around more slowly than anticipated, and because the defense has shown some very visible weaknesses, do you think the 5-0 start is fool's gold and this reclamation project to again become one of college football's elite is going to take a little longer than what many thought?
Personally, coming into the season I felt this team could win 10 games because of the weak schedule, but probably would fall somewhere in the realm of 9-3 or 8-4 based on the amount of youth and growing pains with the new coaches/schemes.
Now, based on what we have seen from the offense and improvement from the defense, I am leaning more to an 11-1 or 10-2 result, with an outside chance at 12-0.  This team seems to still be grinding its way to victories at times, so I continue to think there is at least one loss somewhere in the offing.  Nebraska and TSUN will obviously be tough matchups, and I think the two tough road games remaining at Wisconsin and Penn State are not guaranteed wins.
If we continue to see this squad grow and improve like we did this past Saturday, I think talk of a potential BCS championship game bid next year is not outside of the realm of possibility.  The explosive offensive plays have not really been seen yet, outside of Braxton Miller, so I think it will be important to get Elliott, Marshall, Jacobs, and whoever else comes on board in this recruiting class, up to speed with the offense as fast as possible.  If one or two of those guys can make an immediate impact by just imposing a threat to the defense, I think it will do wonders for the big-play ability of the Urban/Herman offense.

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