Week Two - Central Florida

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September 6, 2012 at 9:44 pm
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                                                                                                             Central Florida
56 – 10.  OK, let the complaining begin.  Really?  Hey, that was a pretty nice debut.  Give us one quarter to figure out what was going on and then we go hang half a hundred on a team with an NFL QB.  I’ll take that.  Are there some things to work on?  You bet there are.  Most concerning was the secondary with what seemed like multiple blown coverages.  I trust that improved communication and some great coaching will remedy that one.  Lack of pass rush? It did not appear that we were, scheme-wise, trying real hard to rush the passer.  Mostly 3 man, sometime 4 man rush with very little in the way of blitzing.  It is also possible that Dysert might be the best QB we face this year and he did a great job of getting rid of the ball.  His supporting cast was, well, not very supporting.  The Miami receivers introduced the term “catch and release” to football.
The rest of the Big Ten did not fare so well.  Penn State bid an early adieu to big time football by losing at home to Ohio.  I think the Bobcats are pretty good, but the Nits might be the Nots sooner than we expected.
The Weasels were Weasels in all their inglorious fashion.  Pun intended.  They looked hideous in their new uni’s and played the way they looked.  I think the Brady Hoax miracle may be over.  Oh well it was destined to end on November 24 regardless. The Big Blue brain trust somehow conjured up the idea of making Denurd a drop back passer.  He had the drop back part down, but the passer aspect of the equation was a bit more of a problem. The Weasel defenders were like Prince Harry’s pants….lost.  It looked like a vintage Rich Rod defense. Have I mentioned how much I miss that guy?
I watched Auburn and Clemson and think both of those teams are going to win quite a few games, though sadly for Auburn, one of them will not be against Alabama.  Another negative aspect of the Terrelle Pryor experience is that his presence on the Buckeye roster is likely what kept Clemson QB Taj Boyd from becoming a Buckeye. The Crimson Tide, despite their opponent, showed themselves to be a seriously good football team. 
Notre Dame sunk Navy in a game no one saw, except the 30,000 Irish fans who crossed the pond to attend. 
What to expect from Central Florida?  They are coached by George O’Leary.  You remember him don’t you?  O’Leary is the guy who parlayed a successful stint as Georgia Tech’s head coach and bogus resume into the Notre Dame job back in 2001.  His stint at ND lasted only as long as it took the Irish officials to check out his resume and conclude that he was a liar. Five days to be factually correct, not that George ever was.  He actually coached zero games, though his updated bio now states that he led the Irish to a 12-0 record with a victory in the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I think he may have been done in by the claim that he was the first man to walk on the moon after a long career as a nun.  Despite his proclivity for fiction he must be a pretty good football coach.  Winning at Georgia Tech is not easy and he has UCF moving in the right direction.  Urban thinks UCF will bring one of the top 5 defensive lines we will face in 2012.  Their top RB is out with an injury and this is only the 2nd start for their QB. I see this as a pretty entertaining game with the home boys coming out won top by a 35-17 score.
We have our first of what we hope will be many contributions from our esteemed colleague from the South, the Cajun Correspondent:
Conference Bubba is all atwitter over the newest ranking in both collegiate polls this week. It seems, according to the national media pundits and the ever-present Bama blowhards, that the world as we know it is now in its proper order now that Alabama is the consensus # 1 in the land. Oh the glory of it all ... Oh the splendor of it all ... Wait. POO-Yie !!! What is that powerful stench from the east? Why it's that all-too-familiar stench of the Tuscaloosers once again proclaiming that they can walk on water and chew bubble gum at the same time .... AGAIN. Your Cajun Correspondent is guessing that they gotta have something to do to entertain themselves besides tea-bagging the opposing team’s fans and killing their opponent’s trees. Let 'em bray at the top of their lungs. The night of November 3rd should cool their jets. I'll tune the rest of that white (and red) noise out. 'Nuff said.
Our Bayou Bengals did a workman like number on the North Texas Mean Green. QB play was just fine for a junior having his first start. He's already looks better than our last 3 QB's just standing around on the sideline. 500 yards of offense makes me smile.
Next up is the Washington Huskies. Their passing attack should be a sterner test for our young secondary. Our lovely humidity should make for a sterner test of their ability to drink their air instead of breathe it. Look for a lot of Huskies with their heads down and hands on their hips between plays as the thought keeps crossing their minds that they just might die on national TV in Louisiana. Nothing like a Baton Rouge home field advantage during the late summer. We don't call it Death Valley for nothing.
Our newest sacrificial lambs, I mean members, to Conference Bubba are both hosting this weekend. The Aggies are entertaining Florida, and giving them 2 points to boot. Mizzu is graciously allowing them Alpo-eating Georgia Bulldogs to desecrate Columbia's fire hydrants this weekend. CC smells an upset on this one. The Kibbles-n-Bits crowd are notoriously slow starters and poor travelers. Mizzu should be sky high for this one. Unfortunately, both schools have been talking trash all week about the SEC. Mizzu chatter is slightly understandable. But, the Aggies !!??!! .... The last time they did anything world beating was .... NEVER. Hell, their cheerleaders are the ugliest in the NCAA (all men), AND their band has no clue how to get off the field after halftime. And they never shut up about how great they're gonna be. Despite all that, they are slightly entertaining for right at 3 hours once a year.
Y'all are so nice to be serving up a little soiree'' for the University of Central Florida Knights. The Knights are wearing out horses heading toward the Shoe for the very first time. Last time George O'Leary and Urban "I'm a Buckeye Now" Meyer squared off was in 2006, when Urbie Baby was at "The-Place-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named". UCF lost 42 - 0. Since 2002, the Knights are 3 - 17 in non-conference away games. Sure looks to me like they'll limp back home to Orlando 3 - 18. But, be careful my Buckeye friends. These tin men have teeth. And human bites are definitely the worst kind. Bring your "A" game and y'all gonna be just fine. Enjoy the Bar-B-que, on and off the field.
I checked the scheduling and unfortunately the Fighting Fatwahs of Taliban State have an open date this weekend. That may not be the best of news. We all know what happens when you give these college boys some idle time during the season. So let's stay our toes y'all and lock up your goats. It's a long season, praise be unto Our Head Coach's name.
Not much to choose from with regard to other games this week.  Vanderbilt goes to Northwestern in some kind of Brainiac Bowl.  Vanderbilt calls itself the Harvard of the South, which is kind of like being the Champagne of instant pudding.  Northwestern stumbled into the Big Ten at the conference’s inception and just won’t leave.  Actually, it might be a pretty good game.  Vandy gave South Carolina a struggle last week and the Wildcats are fresh off a win over Syracuse.  Syracuse considers itself the Boise State of the East. Florida visits Texas A&M and Missouri host Georgia in the SEC Initiation weekend.

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