Illini Week 2011

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October 13, 2011 at 4:55 pm
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Illinois 2011

Well, I’m back from a totally unwarranted one game suspension. I go to a friend’s beach house in the Outer Banks for a few days of golf and the NCAA calls that an improper benefit, so I miss the Nebraska game. Can’t anyone have fun?  Speaking of fun…how about the first half in Lincoln?  It looked like we had the Buckeyes of old back on the field.  Then the second half happened and we were back in the sinkhole which this season is rapidly becoming.  Hey, all is not lost we are only 2 games out of first place in the Liebowitz Davison of the Big Ten (12) with plenty of football to be played.

What happened in Lincoln?  One minute we are cruising along looking like the 1975 Buckeyes with a 21 point lead.  Then our QB limps off and our non-QB starts throwing the ball places Google Maps has yet to chart.  When Braxton left everything changed.  The play calling went from Bill Walsh to Bill Murray.  The tackling, inexplicably, went from Jack Tatum to Tatum O’Neil.  Momentum changed sides faster and further than Chaz Bono.  All in all it ended up with one of our most disheartening defeats in recent memory.

Oh there were bright spots.  Braxton Miller played better than most expected him to before next season. Hankins, Simon and the rest of the D-Line dominated the Huskers for 30 minutes. Left tackle Mike Adams made his season debut and impressed.  Carlos Hyde ran like a bull.  Then everything changed.  Still it was an improved performance over the Michigan state fiasco.  It just ended in an epic collapse.  At half time I would have given Luke a 65% chance of keeping his job.  Now I would give him a 40% chance, and that is generous.  I don’t like that.  I don’t think it is fair to Luke, but this is big boy football and this team has to play a lot better to save Luke’s job.  It needs to start this week in Champaign-Urbana.

Elsewhere last week:
The Sooners made an example of the Texas Longhorns and a joke out of the Red River Rivalry by neutering Bevo on national TV.  Maybe the Sooners deserve to be in the discussion with LSU and Alabama after all.

LSU handed the Florida Gators their second straight wacking.  Maybe Urban wants to return to Gainesville. 

The Weasels overcame a bunch of Denurd interceptions to somehow rout Northwestern.

This week:  Not much happening on the national scene this week.  Might be a good weekend for Nike and Under Armor to break out some new hideous uniforms.  Penn State could use a splash of color.  Iowa’s copy of the Steelers is getting a bit dated. 

Michigan at Michigan State – Are the 6-0 Weasels for real?  Win this game in East Lansing and I will believe it.  I think the Spartans get it done and Coach Hoax looks less and less like Bo Schembechler and more like Bo Didley.

Arizona State at Oregon- Not sure if we should care, but this is probably as meaningful a game the PAC 10, 12 or whatever the hell they  are, can produce this year.  At least until the Ducks travel to Stanford on November 12.  Ducks soar this week.

South Carolina at Mississippi State – Now that the Steven Garcia era has officially and permanently ended (or has it?) can the old ball coach just keep running the ball?  Please!
The top 3 teams will roll as OU faces Kansas, and in Conference Bubba LSU travels to Tennessee, and Bama visits Ole Miss.  None will be challenged, though the Tide’s game might be interesting for a while.

Ohio State at Illinois – Ron Zook.  The thought of losing to guy makes my intestines ache.  Maybe it is the amount of Irish whiskey it took me to get over the Husker debacle.  No, it is definitely Ron Zook.  Ron Zook, with all his SEC bluster and funny facial expressions has the Illini 6-0 for the first time since Red Grange. C’mon man, even Brent Musberger can’t remember back that far. Illinois has a soph QB, Nathan Scheelhaase, who they think is the next Jeff George. Seriously, nobody besides his mother liked Jeff George.  I just like reminding the Illini faithful of their legacy.  I think the Buckeye defense plays for 60 minutes and dominates.  Braxton is good enough and our running backs pound them.  Buckeyes 24 Illinois 14.

Note to the world:  It has come to my attention that the NCAA has cleared Auburn of all wrong doing in the Cam Newton saga.  Wow!  And Miami still has had only one player suspended for more than one game.  The NCAA knows justice like Charlie Sheen knows sober.

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