Here come the Hoosiers

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November 3, 2011 at 10:27 pm


                                                                                                                      Indiana Week

To steal a line from the Four Seasons…”Oh what a night”! Wow! From the moment our scoreboard welcomed Bucky Badger to the “Shoe at Night” and declared “Its on” you could tell it was going to be a special night.  Who knows how this season, the NCAA sanctions, Luke Fickell’s tenure will all turn out…but for a brief shining moment we were back in our world of Buckeye bliss.  The Silver Bullets stoning a high powered opponent, our offense making big plays, the big crowd roaring and storming the field in a display of scarlet and gray madness.  The absolute joy felt in that stadium was not just the result of a big win against a ranked and favored opponent, it was a release of pent up emotion which had been building since last winter.

The big guys on the line of scrimmage made up for getting pushed all over the field in Camp Randall a year ago.  We dominated on both sides of the ball.  The O-line did a good job all day in both protection and run blocking.  Boom ran like a mad man.  If I had to make one criticism it would be that Boom tried to bounce it outside on too many of his runs.  I know that worked great against Illinois, but the Badger defense is a different type of rodent.  Jordon Hall seems to have regressed a bit.  He has been obviously shaky fielding punts and does not seen to run with the same fervor that he did earlier in the year.  Might be time to get Carlos Hyde out of the garage or doghouse.  That being said I have to give a ton of credit to Hall and his kickoff return.  That really set up the final drive and is credit to Hall’s determination and ability to keep his head in the game despite some setbacks.  That kickoff return showed me a lot of character.  Braxton Miller seemingly came of age.  I’m sure he will make some mistakes and has a lot of growing to do.  Still he showed what is to come; we saw the future and it looked awesome.

On defense, the line controlled their gaps, the linebackers contained and filled and we had 11 Silver Bullets flying to the ball.  It was a thing of beauty right up to when it wasn’t.  To completely stifle the Badger running attack was more than amazing.  Bret Bielema looked like the fat kid who had his Halloween candy stolen.  I guess we will have to chalk up the late collapse of the defense to inexperience.

In other games last week, Clemson fell from the ranks of the unbeaten in a big way,  getting drilled by Georgia Tech. 

OU shrugged off their upset to Texas Tech by slaughtering Kansas State and ending their undefeated run.

Stanford and Andrew Luck whipped a homestanding USC and Matt Barkley in the battle of the future NFL QBs. 

 Everyone else held serve in the BCS race as Bama and LSU both had byes.
This week:

Texas A&M visits Oklahoma:  In the pre season this game looked like a really big deal.  Not so much.  OU has been beaten and the Aggies have been wildly inconsistent.  Sooners will roll.

Kansas State at Oklahoma State:  K State no longer matters but to the boys from Stillwater this is another hurdle in their path to BCS championship game.  I don’t think many people realize what an amazing climb it is for this Oklahoma State program to be talking national championship.  Have they ever even been to a BCS bowl game?  They have a way to go yet, but just the fact that they are in the conversation is amazing. This has to prove that T. Boone Pickens is the smartest investor out there.

Oh yeah, it seems there is some kind of contest in Tuscaloosa this week.  8:00 PM to be exact.  From what this humble observer has seen this year these are not only the two best teams, but nobody else is even close.  I think there is a huge gap between these teams and everybody else.  Both offenses, I would say are pretty good.  Trent Richardson is the best running back in the country now that South Carolina’s  Marcus Lattimore is done for the year. The defenses, my oh my!  The defenses are special.  They are both fast and aggressive.  They punish teams.  These may be the best defenses college football has seen for several years. There will be NFL talent all over the field. The defenses are classic examples of why Conference Bubba has been so dominant. 

The threat level in Tuscaloosa has reached Defcon Two and is rising, so it is time for a report from our Cajun Correspondent, deep under cover and just a bit biased:

  Greetings to all in the free world,
   Your Cajun Correspondent is deeply embedded with our troops in collard greens country. Alabama is a beautiful state. There’s only one thing wrong with it. It’s just full of people from Alabama.
  The Tidee Bowl folk here are talking a lot of smack. It seems that our Bayou Bengals are not a worthy enough opponent for their National Championship bound Red Elephants. Their D is better, their RB is better, and, above all else, their Head Coach is just the best in the country. You know, this just some dumb Ole Cajun thinking, but why is it Bama seems to be the only NCAA member that has a mandatory course for their Head Coaches in “Walking On Water 101”? They do have a great RB in Trent Richardson. Their D is the best in the land, by far. Their QB, O-Line and WRs are very efficient. Hey, they’re a very good team. And, actually, the team members are not saying one word of trash toward my beloved Bayou Bengals. However, the “Coaches” that moonlight with regular day jobs are filling that audio void with a lot of mighty big hollering about how bad they’re gonna beat on LSU. Again, I’m just a dumb Ole Cajun, me, but it sure is easy to see who’s been watching game film for the past 2 weeks and is gonna actually play on the field and who’s just been busy listening to the sound of their voices. Must be music to their ears.
  Well, here’s a little news flash for my Conference Bubba Bama Chapter Friends:     We’re coming.
  We really appreciate your kind invitation to pass the afternoon in your yard. We’ll bring our best behavior and our best effort to this little shindig, and then we’ll see how this all shakes out. Gotta a great D? So do we. In fact ours has more turnovers than yours. Gotta a great RB? We’ve used 5 different RBs very effectively this season. In fact, our running game has 50 more attempts than you do this year. Gottan efficient QB? We’ve got 2. Effective WRs? We’ve got 8 that have caught passes this year. Played a tough schedule? You’re opponents are a combined 33 – 33, with 2 winning records, 2 even records, and 2 ranked teams in 8 games. LSU? 38 – 27, with 4 winning records, 2 even records AND 6 ranked opponents.
  Bottom line, … Everybody’s healthy. So, … pull your hat on, buckle it up good and tight, shut your big, fat mouth, and let’s get down to it. Cuz we’re bringing our own cans, and we WILL open them mothers up.
  So let’s tee it up, y’all. The book’s giving us 5 points? I’ll take my Tigers and 5 points  … anytime. In fact, I’ll spot y’all 5 points, cuz I firmly believe you’re gonna need every one you can get.    Let’s see whatcha got, Hot Shot!!!

I have no idea who will win this game, but I cannot wait for the collisions. 

OK, time to try to get serious.  Our Buckeyes need to win every game remaining on their schedule.  No slip-ups allowed and that includes this week’s clash with the Hurryin’ Hoosiers.  All I can tell you about Indiana is that ever since Bobby Knight moved to Texas, everything in that state got boring.  This may be one of the worst Hoosier teams we have seen.  Think about that statement.  There is a lot of competition for that title. They just kicked their best player, off the team.  They have a true freshman quarterback and his name is not Braxton.  Let’s stomp em early and get some snaps for Carlos Hyde and Kenny Guiton.  I just learned that Jordan Hall is doubtful with an ankle sprain. Indiana has defeated only South Carolina State.  They have fallen to the likes of Ball State, North Texas, Northwestern and Iowa among others.   Bucks roll 42 to 10.