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College Football 2012

                                   In the words of a particularly inane Bud Light commercial, “HERE WEGO”.  &n...
30 Aug 2012
by OKBuck


  Purdue There we stood on the precipice, looking into the abyss and we could clearly see Darkest Day III.  Thankfully, Travis Howard stepped front of an Indiana pass and rescued us from the nightmare which could have ended the 2011 season and doomed Luke Fickell’s tenure ...
10 Nov 2011
by OKBuck

Illini Week 2011

Illinois 2011 Well, I’m back from a totally unwarranted one game suspension. I go to a friend’s beach house in the Outer Banks for a few days of golf and the NCAA calls that an improper benefit, so I miss the Nebraska game. Can’t anyone have fun?  Speaking of fun&hellip...
13 Oct 2011
by OKBuck


22 Sep 2011
by OKBuck

Miami: Week 3

Miami OSU 27 – Toledo 22.  OK, you saw it.  I saw it.  It is over. It was ugly, very ugly.  I was surprised but probably should not have been.  Don’t we do this pretty much on an annual basis?  Sort of like some dreaded family reunion.  You have ...
14 Sep 2011
by OKBuck