An old friend's take on Virginia Tech's schedule

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July 6, 2014 at 1:43 pm

After five fantastic years at Ohio State and a few in between, I'm starting graduate school at Virginia Tech soon so I've been starting to follow the Hokies more closely. I'm not trying to rile things up by implying some bitter media conspiracy - I think the majority of the grief we hear and read is attention-seeking and not even taken seriously by those who say and print it - but I did come across this (free) gem from the Roanoke Times I thought 11W readers would appreciate:

The author points out that a guy by the name of Matt Hayes has ranked the ACC's non-conference schedules, and admits to being a little surprised that Virginia Tech's schedule is ranked awfully low. Now why might this Hayes fellow think the Hokies don't play anyone very strong? 

To be fair, VT has what will hopefully be a couple of throwaways against William & Mary and Western Michigan, but the fourth is East Carolina, who has had some great seasons recently. 

Again, I don't mean to start the everybody-hates-OSU discussion here because frankly I think it's a little whiny, but I did find it funny to see someone confused by something I think we'd all be very quick to explain. 

And for the record, I've already got my ticket to the game on September 6, and there is no question I'll be rooting for the Buckeyes. With the exception of the last couple of seasons, it always seems like VT starts off rocky and finishes much stronger, so let's hope that's the case this season too, for my own rooting interests and OSU's schedule strength around the end when playoff teams are being selected. 


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